Dahod District, Gujarat

Climate Average annual rainfall is 830 mm, rainfall in 1999 was only 350 mm. 
Organization N M Sadguru Water and Development Foundation
Description The first check dam on Macchan river that flows near the Thuthi Kankasiaya village was constructed in 1994 in a record 85 days. The dam was built by the villagers with the help of engineers from the Sadguru foundation. A series of small check dams have since been built near the source of the river, while a series of small irrigation structures have been built downstream. Watershed management measures such as terracing, planting trees, etc. have also been adopted. A check dam has also been constructed near the Mahudi village.

All these measures have recharged the groundwater table and increased the availability of water for drinking and irrigation. The water harvesting has doubled the irrigation coverage and land under cultivation. Compared to years before 1991, the annual agricultural production has gone up 4 fold to 4000 quintals/hectare from 900 quintals/hectare. The villages have also seen a drastic reduction in seasonal out migration. The average annual income in 1999 was Rs. 35,620.

 Seeing the benefits of adopting water harvesting measures, villages in other districts have also started to demand such projects. To find out more about this issue read the article by Mahesh Tiwari.


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