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Joshi gets time right, everything else wrong

Gandhinagar: Agitations and protests have been a common feature of a democratic country like India and on most occasions they seem to go unnoticed. It is for this reason that the timing of an agitation is crucial to get the right focus and media attention and the master strategist and Shetkari Sanghatana leader Sharad Joshi has proved that he has got his timing and the place of agitation right, the interest of the state be damned. The Narmada Bachao Andolan leader Medha Patkar has already proved her proficiency on this subject.

It is quite possible that Mr Joshi's agitation would have definitely gone unnoticed had it been declared at any other place or at any other time. The impromptu love that Mr Joshi has developed for the Narmada is all a part of his delicate sense of timing for the project and likely to provide the best platform for whatever plan he has for the future.

Mr Joshi announced the agitation at a time when the Supreme Court hearing is in a decisive phase with the P.D. Desai report on rehabilitation and resettlement likely to favour Gujarat's stand may make him an instant hero and boost his political ambitions.

Moreover Mr Joshi may also be quite aware which way the wind is blowing and thought it best to agitate at this time even if the "timing" of his agitation is likely to attract contempt of court proceedings from the Madhya Pradesh government and delay the project.

Mr Joshi certainly has the glare of the media on him and he is not blinking, thanks to his superb sense of timing.