Saturday November 16, 2002

Rs 734.56 cr supplementary budget tabled in House

BHOPAL: Finance Minister Ajay Narayan Mushran, here on Friday tabled supplementary budget of Rs 734.56 crore for 2002-2003. As the BJP was protesting against the prevalent power crisis, the supplemen- tary budget was tabled amidst pandemonium and uproar. Speaker Sriniwas Tiwari has fixed two hours discussion for the supplemen- tary budget on November 20.

The budget stated that the union Home department has issued amendment in Governor (Allowances and Privilege) law, which would cost an additional expenditure of Rs 4,81,000, for which a provi- sion has been made in the supplementary budget.

In the head of the members of the Cabinet, expenditure of Rs 719.09 lakh more has been estimated and in the first appropria- tion bill, Rs 89.09 lakh has been allocated. For transportation of the all India services officers of Madhya Pradesh cadre, Rs 8.03 lakh will be paid to National Administrative Academy, Muss- oorie.

The state government has decided to create 76 new posts for deputing in the personal staff of the newly inducted ministers for which allocation of Rs 96,82,000 has been estimated. Under state protocol, provision of Rs 225 lakh has been already made in the main budget of 2002-2003, but to clear pending bills of last years, Rs 45,00,000 more would be spent.

The government has also decided to post one additional employee in the courts, for which allocation of Rs 88,32,000 has been made in the budget.

The government has also created 11 posts for posting in Rawatpura Sarkar Dham Police post in Bhind district, with an estimated cost of Rs 6,57,000.

The government has also decided to install wireless sets in the vehicles of Revenue officials and hence, for 352 vehicles, the total cost would be Rs 48,70,000 for which provision has been made in the supplementary budget.

Likewise, permission to purchase 343 vehicles has been given, making provision of Rs 72,20,000. The state Government has also made provision of Rs 50 lakh for Gold Ornaments Park at Indore, which is a centre diverted scheme. For integrated Rural Energy programme, provision of Rs 1,07,83,000 has been made.

The government has also sanctioned Rs 10,00,000 for rehabilita- tion of bonded labourers. The state government has allocated Rs 14 lakh for the preservation and development work of Chanderi, Guna, for which the government of India has already allocated Rs 29 lakh.

A provision of Rs 1 crore has been made to complete incomplete buildings and other activities of different colleges under Higher Education department. To complete land acquisition work for the incomplete irrigation projects, provision of Rs 10,00,000 has been made.

Likewise, the supplementary budget has also allocated Rs 20,00,000 for setting up of the council and cells in medical and engineering colleges. Provision of Rs 100 crore has been made to pay the share of Madhya Pradesh to Gujarat government for Sardar Sarovar Project, under Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA).

For honorarium to the anganwadi workers, no provision has been made in the main budget but now allocation of Rs 7,00,00,000 has been proposed. For international Baudh convention, to be held in Sanchi, provision of Rs 10,00,000 has been made.

The supplementary budget also allocated Rs 2,53,60,000 for the parts of plane and chopper of the state government. For the purchase of new chopper, the government has made provision of Rs 2,02,00,000. The total cost is Rs 10 crore. For the repairing of Bail helicopter, provision of Rs 12.50 crore has been made of which Rs 4,00,00,000 would be in 2002-2003.

For Sanjay Gandhi Memorial hospital, Rewa, a provision of Rs 4,11,00,000 has been made. The government has also made provision of Rs 75,00,000 as with the help of World Bank, the quality improvement programme has been started in different engineering and polytechnic colleges and the allocation has been made for the same purpose.

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