DECCAN HERALD Tuesday, December 12, 2000

NBA activists lay seige to NCA office

Indore, Dec 11 (PTI)

Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) activists led by Medha Patkar today laid seige to the Narmad Control Authority (NCA) office demanding to show the rehabilitation plan drawn up by the NCA.

Hundreds of NBA activists occupied each and every room of the NCA office and demanded that until NCA member N D Tiwari comes and talk with them they will not leave the office. The NCA officials informed that Tiwari is out of station but NBA activists were in no mood to listen and demanded to talk to Tiwari.

A large number of police personnel were helplessly watching the situation and senior administration officials had no option than to ask more police force.

Talking to reporters, Medha Patkar said that as long as the NCA did not come out with a plan as directed by the court along with the avalability of land, the NBA activists will not go from here.

Patkar added that there is no land for the displaced people upto the height of 80 meters and even NCA officials have not given the permission for resuming the dam construction beyond 90 meters of height.

Patkar said that they have written a letter to NCA officials informing them to show the rehabilitation plan drawn by NCA till November 19, as directed by the court.

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