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AUG 21 1999 OPINION LETTERS TO THE EDITOR : The Economic Times Online - India's No.1 Business Newspaper - Companies, Industry, Economy,Politics
AUG 21 1999
0031 hrs IST
1401 EST
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Who will bell he cat?
The duty of the powers that are in independent India seems to end with delivering long speeches and promising all sorts of things and appointing a committee or commission to look into the matter soon after there is a tragedy or disaster, to be forgotten soon after till a new tragedy takes place. The same thing is true of the media too: they write editorials, opinion pieces when the news is hot and forget about it later. The Debate ``What can be done for IR?’’ (ET, August 10), is symptomatic of the same attitude.
In fact, what we are facing today is the cumulative effect of our wrong policies followed over the last 50 years just to appease one section or the other of the population without honestly analysing the pros and cons of various policies. It may be useful to find out as to how many persons found responsible for the present railway tragedy have risen on the basis of their merit or on extraneous considerations. As remarked by Mr Khosla ``... the reservation policy, however desirable, is becoming counter productive and affecting the morale of the staff and should be reviewed’’.
It is alright to say `Most importantly is the sense of responsibility and accountability that must be infused into the system’ but who will bell the cat, when the entire system is rotten?
Delhi, August 12
What’s the alternative?
The news regarding Ms Arundhati Roy’s `Rally for the Valley’ was interesting. It is nice to know that intellectuals like Ms Roy are concerned about an environmental problem. Definitely Ms Arundhati Roy’s participation in the Narmada Bachao Andolan has given a new thrust to the agitation but the environmentalists have failed to provide a viable alternative to the Sardar Sarovar Project.
The truth is that the whole of Gujarat suffers from acute water shortage, for domestic use as well as for agriculture. The extent of shortage of water in Gujarat, particularly in the Saurashtra region has to be seen to be believed.
The agitators should also remember that forced displacement would be a worse scenario than forced resettlement. And as leaders they will be held responsible for the well-being of the brigade they lead.
New Delhi, August 14
Tobacco sale
This has reference to the report on voluntary and self-regulatory code for marketing of tobacco products in India based on the press release by the Tobacco Institute.
We would like to place on record that since we are not members of the Tobacco Institute we would not like to be quoted in any press release issued by the Institute, unless it has been specifically cleared by us.
While we agree in principle that there is need for a self regulatory code that discourages sale of tobacco products to minors, we could like to enforce this on our own and not necessarily follow the code laid down by the Tobacco Institute vis-a-vis advertising, sales promotions or consumer offers.
Director, Sales and Marketing
GTC Industries Limited
New Delhi, August 7


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