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The Hindu on : 'A decisive battle of the downtrodden'

Online edition of India's National Newspaper on
Tuesday, July 06, 1999

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'A decisive battle of the downtrodden'

By Our Special Correspondent

BARODA, JULY 5. The indefinite fast launched by the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) leader, Ms. Medha Patkar, and eight others representing people affected by the Sardar Sarovar project in the three concerned States, at Domkhedi village since yesterday is the ``decisive battle'' of the ``exploited and downtrodden people sacrificed in the name of development for the benefit of a few.''

Claiming that thousands of people and representatives of a large number of anti-dam organisations from all over the country attended a rally preceding the launching of the indefinite fast, a spokesman of the NBA here said Ms. Patkar would also observe ``moun'' (silence) for ``self-introspection and inner strength'' during the indefinite fast which was to ``challenge the socio- political system through which such destructive development is imposed on the nation and the people.''

A meeting of the representatives of the villages to be affected by the dam project would be held on July 11 to be followed by a token one-day fast by anti-dam forces all over the country in solidarity with the NBA the next day when more steps to further intensify the ``last-ditch battle'' would also be announced.

Claiming that the NBA and the people in the Narmada Valley were still awaiting for justice from the Supreme Court, the NBA spokesman claimed that the Gujarat Government managed to secure clearance from the apex court for an additional construction of five metres and three metres of hump at the main dam above 80.3 metres by ``misleading the court about the rehabilitation with false affidavits and wrong information.''

The spokesman claimed that none of the 2,500 odd additional families from about 50 villages in the three concerned states of Gujarat, Maharastrha and Madhya Pradesh to be submerged under the additional construction had yet been rehabilitated. ``It has also now been established beyond doubt that there is no land for the resettlement of all the oustees as per the Narmada Tribunal's award,'' he maintained.

The State Minister for Narmada Affairs and Major Irrigation, Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas, however, has claimed that the State had enough land under its possession to resettle any number of affected families provided they were agreeable to be rehabilitated in Gujarat. He also denounced the NBA agitation as taking the fight back to the streets after losing the battle in the apex court.

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