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We need the dams

V. R. KRISHNA Iyer’s article, "Development for whom?" on Narmada (July 28) illustrates the anti-development stance of the environmentalists. They would have India live in the middle ages without the infrastructure for modern living: roads, electricity and irrigation. For them, population control would be exercised by natural factors: floods, droughts, absence of medicines with people dying in droves.

Krishna Iyer says not a single big dam in India has delivered its promise: power, irrigation, flood control and drought proofing. He forgets Bhakra Dam which has brought prosperity by providing electricity and irrigation waters to Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan, Hirakhud and Damodar Valley Dams which have brought prosperity to large areas and Rihand Dam which produces pollution free electricity at 2 paise per unit.The attitude of the likes of him keeps India poor. Other countries, lacking them, have progressed. Why did USA construct 30 major dams against India’s one? All its major rivers were dammed, banishing floods and droughts for ever. It produces 25 times the electricity for a fourth of India’s population. Why did China recently dam the mighty Yellow River, submerging lakhs of acres and displacing lakhs of people? Eventually dams make countries pollution free. They also usher in progress. -- S. P. Garg, Ghaziabad

Legal propriety

APROPOS OF V. R. Krishna Iyer’s article Development for whom? (July 28). He has served as the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India and does not require a lesson in legal propriety. One would have expected a person of his stature to show some restraint when writing about an issue which is sub judice coming up for hearing later. It is a blatant effort on the part of the former judge to influence the bench, members of which at some point of time would have served under him. The article has been inappropriately timed and is an attempt to give unfair advantage to those opposing the Sardar Sarovar Project. -- V. K. Ohri, Delhi

Mediatory role

I AGREE with S. C. Batra’s letter (July 27), Welcome US involvement. Why should we be so allergic to mediation? We resist the mediatory role so strongly, it gives the impression that our case is weak or that we doubt the bona fides of the country wanting to play the role of a mediator. There is no wisdom in letting the Kashmir problem remain in a flux at the cost of lives and billions of rupees. -- B. N. Trikha, Bhiwani

IT WOULD be a fine gesture if the Government of India were to offer its services as a mediator between the British Government and the Irish Republican Army. -- Praveen Verma, Delhi

Kargil cost

THIS REFERS to your news-item Army orders appraisal of Kargil-action (July 26). The ‘After-action’ report may be of some use to the Army Generals, but to the nation at large, ordering for a ‘Pre-Action’ report, is more important and relevant. Because, in spite of the Government’s effort to cover up the bungling, the nation its convinced that there was something wrong with our vigilance system and the decision-making agency — may it be our Defence Minister or Prime Minister. The people have the right to know about the factors involved and the persons responsible for this sort of criminal negligence. -- S. Mishra, Ambala

“Tiger” leashed

FOR THE first time in Indian history the authorities have debarred Bal Thackeray even to cast his vote and it is like snatching one’s citizenship. Why have the others with more serious allegations gone scot free? Many tainted politicians who are in the CBI net specially the Yadavs and Bhaiyas should be awarded similar verdicts by the E.C. -- Kalidas Banerjee, Delhi

Slip is showing

THIS HAS reference to the report Language of Enemy foxed Army by Moinak Mitra (July 27). The Centre has taken necessary steps in advancing the study of the Pashtu language by introducing Advanced Diploma of Proficiency (ADOP) in Pashtu from the current academic year. A notification to that effect will be issued shortly. Also Professor M. Alam is not the head of the Centre , he is only a Professor in the department. It is, I Professor (Miss) S. J. Havewalla, who is the Head of the Centre. -- S. J. Havewalla, Delhi

Not again!

THE TITLE of a talk show entitled India Votes Again being telecast on Doordarshan should be changed to “India votes again-again and again—till the country drops dead.”

Shouldn’t we ban the luxury of this favourite national sport of our politicians? -- S. Chandra, Delhi

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