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Tuesday , March 07 , 2000
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Saurashtra dams dry up even before summer


RAJKOT, MARCH 6: Most of the dams in the three districts of Saurashtra -- Rajkot, Jamnagar and Surendranagar -- are empty, even before the advent of summer. Of the total 18 dams in the region, six are empty, four will dry up by the end of this month and six dams will get empty by May end. According to the irrigation department, only two dams will last till June.

Most of Saurashtra depends only on ground water at present. Once this too goes dry, residents will be forced to migrate.

In Rajkot district, there are eight dams out of which Nyari 1, Nyari 2 and Aji 1 are already empty, while the main source of water to Rajkot and Jetpur, Bhadar will go dry in March. Moj and Macchu will be empty in May and only Fofal dam will have water to last till June end.

In Jamnagar district, Sasoi and Sani dam are already empty, while Ghee will dry up by March end and only Und dam in will last till May. Afterward the district will have to depend on bore water only. Almost 90 per cent of Surendranagar is already dependent only on its bore-wells. The Dholidhaja and Sukhbhadar dams have long dried up

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