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Wednesday, May 10, 2000

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`Neglect' irks Saurashtra MLAs

RAJKOT, MAY 9: Although Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel has claimed that all is well with drought related work, many Saurashtra MLAs of his own party have expressed unhappiness and complained that the administration is ignoring their requests for help in their constituencies.

While Bhavnagar MLA Mahendra Trivedi observed a fast last week to demand proper government attention and adequate fodder and water for Bhavnagar, two MLAs of Rajkot and Surendranagar were furious that Finance Minister Vajubhai Vala did not meet them when they went to seek help for their constituencies.

Padadhri MLA Mohanbhai Kundaria and Halvad MLA Jayantibhai Kavadia have threatened to go on fast if the Government continued to give them the cold shoulder. Both MLAs were made to wait by the Finance Minister for nearly an hour outside his office. ``After waiting for an hour, there was still no sign of Vajubhai Vala meeting us so we left without meeting him,'' says Kavadia.

Padadhri MLA Mohanbhai Kundaria is demanding proper drinking water arrangements while Kavadia is trying to draw attention to the scarcity of fodder.

Similarly, Amreli MLA Purshottam Roopala has sent a complaint to the Chief Minister that the situation in Amreli was being mismanaged. Roopala said: ``In spite of there being enough water in the Khodiyar dam, water supply in the city is erratic because proper planning has not been done. In the rural areas, in spite of so many complaints the strength of the tankers has not increased and people do not receive the required amount of water. I have made my displeasure known to Water Minister Narottam Patel but so far nothing has happened.''

Even Manavadar MLA Ratibhai Sureja let off a lot of steam in Junagadh on Saturday during Water Supply Minister Narottam Patel's visit. Sureja alleged that in spite of several complaints and reminders to the Chief Minister's office as well as other ministers, he was ignored. ``Nobody bothers to check what is happening in the affected areas. There is total mismanagement in water supply. Fodder distribution is inadequate and in the absence of supervision, large-scale corruption is going on in relief works,'' Sureja told Patel in front of Junagadh MLA Mahendra Mashru and a large number of people.

Sources in the BJP said party MLAs from Amreli, including Bavkubhai Undad, Babara; Balubhai Thathi, Dhari; Kalubhai Virani, Savarkundla; Dinubhai Solanki and Hirabhai Solanki, Rajula have written strongly-worded letters to the Chief Minister for ignoring their problems. Similarly, three BJP MLAs of Surendranagar are learnt to have voiced their protest against the inadequate measures taken by the government.

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