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Saturday, June 3, 2000

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Rajasthan makes rainwater harvesting mandatory

JAIPUR, JUNE 2: With a view to arrest the continuous fall in water table, the Rajasthan Government has made collection and conservation of rainwater compulsory for all public buildings and establishments and all properties in plots covering more than 500 sq m in urban areas.

All government buildings, institutions, local bodies, cooperative bodies and government-aided bodies have been directed to make provisions for collection and conservation of rainwater in their premises.

Owners of properties with more than 500 sq m area would have to construct a minimum of two tanks and would have to show this in their building plans. For a 500 sq m plot size, the required size of the tanks would be one cubic metre. The rainwater falling on the building roof would flow into the tank through a pipe. The tanks would be connected to 15m-deep wells.

The government said steps would be taken to ensure compliance, over a period, with these guidelines in the existing properties. All government departments and state institutions were directed to take steps to carry out these measures in a specific time limit. It said that this would be carried out without delay in the Secretariat, Planning Department, Jaipur Development Authority, Housing Board and Jaipur Municipal Corporation buildings by monsoon.

The ground water table in Jaipur has fallen to dangerously low levels. The area is classified in the ``grey zone'' category.

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