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Thursday , June 15 , 2000
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BJP flays Digvijay's stand on SSP issue


AHMEDABAD, JUNE 14: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesman Bharat Pandya has warned the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Digvijay Singh against driving a wedge between political parties in the State over the Narmada issue.

He told reporters here on Wednesday that Singh was only talking of taking the dam height to 436 feet but was not taking any concrete step to accomplish that. ``We don't need his advice on what can be the solution to ease the water crisis in Saurashtra but his co-operation in early completion of the Narmada project, he said.

Pandya has appealed to all political parties to condemn the recent utterances of Singh and remain united on the vital issue.

He said the people had realised that Singh was having a dual policy on Narmada and that they would not tolerate his attempts at misleading the people.

The BJP spokesman further said the recent remarks of Singh in Rajkot had only showed his anti-Narmada stance.

Singh had said the other day in Rajkot that the likely shortfall in power generation at Narmada project due to reduction in the dam height could be compensated by deducting as much power supply to Madhya Pradesh.

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