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Gujarat Minister demands CBI inquiry against NBA
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Wednesday, October 25, 2000

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Gujarat Minister demands CBI inquiry against NBA

AHMEDABAD, OCT 24: Gujaratís Narmada Development Minister Jay Narayan Vyas dropped a bombshell today by saying he had written to Home Minister L.K. Advani to initiate a CBI inquiry against the Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA) to find out the source of its funding and finances.

``A Madhya Pradesh-based NGO has enough proof against the NBA and its sources of international funding. They are being sent to top investigating agencies and also the Union Home Minister to seek an inquiry against the organisation,'' Vyas said.

``Despite provocation, we have kept quiet till now. I think it's now time to find out the sources of funding of the NBA and the huge expenditure it has been incurring,'' Vyas said, while accepting that the NBA was still a force to reckon with.

In a letter to Advani today, Vyas has asked for a thorough investigation into the finances and financial support provided to the NBA ``by anti-Narmada forces'' from within the country and abroad. ``The large amounts of money that came in to support the NBA programme need to be probed. We must find out if they have violated foreign exchange regulation Acts,'' he said.

When asked how the Gujarat government would react to the NBA's statements after the SC judgement, Vyas said he did not take cognisance of their utterances. ``The SC has noted that the state government is capable enough to take the burden of whatever needs to be done from now on. So the (NBA's statements) don't bother us.''

However, he observed that some of the NBA's slogans, like ``we will give and take lives'', were most objectionable and amounted to criminal acts.

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