Saturday , December 09 , 2000
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International meet on water conservation to be held in Jan


AHMEDABAD, DEC 8: Some of world's leading water resources management and conservation gurus will be attending an international conference on `Water Development for Poverty Alleviation' to be held in Ahmedabad from January 29.

The three-day conference will provide an important forum wherein global and Indian experiences in this sphere will be discussed under one roof with emphasis on roles of water management in poverty alleviation through increasing food production, electricity generation, industrial development and creating more employment opportunities. Jay Narayan Vyas, Minister for Narmada and Major Irrigation Projects said the conference would mainly discuss water resources development for poverty allevation besides improving quality of life and protecting the environment.

The conference is being sponsored by the Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Ltd jointly with the Third World Centre for Water Management, International Water Resources Association, International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, World Water Council and Global Water Partnership.

Poverty allevation is the most critical issue facing developing countries now and it is well established that proper and efficient development and management of water resources can make major contribution to poverty allevation, Vyas said.

Some 40 papers by experts on water will be presented during the conference to be attended among others by Prof Asit Biswas, president Third World Centre for Water Management, Mexico, and Prof Benedito Braga, president of International Water Resources Association.

Plenary lectures will also be given by such water management authorities like Dr Bart Schultz, president of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage, Dr Dogan Altinbilek, director general of State Hydraulic Works, Turkey, Prof Walid Abderrahman of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia, Dr Ulf Ehlin, director of Stockholm International Water Institute, Dr Frank Rijsberman, director general of International Water Management Institute, Dr Yukata Takahasi, professor emeritus of University of Tokyo and Dr Olcay Unver, president of Southeastern Anatolia Project, Turkey.

The conference will also seek to provide opportunities for developing countries for technology and knowledge transfer between them besides providing case studies on appropriate projects. Issues that are becoming important due to shortage of water resources like water pricing, water rights and participatory irrigation management are also likely to be discussed at the conference.

Besides, an exhibition showcasing the latest developments in the area of water management and water services being provided by various organisations will also be held. Another unique feature being added to the exhibition is hundreds of photographs by about 100 amateur photographers on water and its scarcity. Artist R K Sharma from the west zone cultural centre will be exhibiting his paintings on water and poverty.

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