Friday , December 29 , 2000
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Present supply to Rajkot will continue -- Rupani


RAJKOT, DEC 28: The State Government is morally responsible for supplying drinking water to the residents of Rajkot and has agreed in principle to supply water to the city from the Sardar Sarovar Project whenever required. This was announced by the BJP's Sankalp Patra Implementation Committee chairman Vijay Rupani.

The announcement by Rupani, who has been given the responsibility along with former Civil Supplies Minister Ashok Bhatt to monitor drought arrangements in the 22 districts declared scarcity hit, came close on the heels of city Mayor Ashok Dangar's statement that he would submit representations to Chief Minister Keshubhai Patel for an additional 50 lakh gallons to the city.

Rupani told reporters on Thursday that the Government had made up its mind that if required the city would be supplied water through the Mahi-Pariej pipeline which passes just near Bhadar pipeline.

He said Narmada water would reach Bhadar sump for Gondal city and if required after March, the flow to the sump would be increased so that water can be brought to Rajkot through the existing Bhadar pipeline.

He, however, reiterated the State Government stand that Rajkot would get 1.5 crore gallons of water daily which it is getting at present.

Rupani further said that the situation in winter was getting worse day by day but claimed the State Government was closely monitoring the situation and planning ahead.

He said the Government had chalked out measures to tackle the drought for the second consecutive year and paid special attention to overcome irregularities at relief camps and distribution of cash dole.

He said that those who could not go to relief camps from the scarcity hit areas would be paid Rs 10 per head for adult, Rs 5 for children and Rs 20 for pregnant women.

Besides, Rupani said the collector had been empowered to purchase cattle fodder upto Rs 25 lakh directly without getting sanctions from the Government.

Commenting on the completion of the Mahi-pariej pipeline, Rupani said Bhal region would get water from January 1 as the pipeline from Pariej-Pipli would be completed by December 31. The areas from Pipli to Nevada (Barvala area) would be completed by January 17, Nevada-Botad (January 15), Nevada-Vallabhipur (January 15), Vallbhipur-Bhavnagar (February 15), Botad Chavand towards Amreli, Rajkjot and Junagadh (February 2), Botad Chavand (January 31), Chavand-Amreli-Babara (January 31), Amreli-Savarkundla (February 15), Babra-Jasdan (March 31), Babra-Gondal-Jetpur (March 31), Vasad-Bhesan-Junagadh (March 15), Keshod-Vanthali-Manavadar (March 31).

The water from Narmada would be brought to Pariej through Mahi pipeline and would then be supplied to these areas through the pipeline laid for the purpose.

He said in all 188 talukas and 12,240 villages are covered under the scarcity plan in the State and Rs 1,189 crore would be used for drinking water purposes. Besides, he said that the State Government had also made arrangements with the Union Railway Ministry for supply of fodder and water through trains.

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