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The Indian Express : Letters to the Editor


Wednesday, July 25, 2001

Coping with the trauma

Sir: Milind Ghatwai’s definition of how oustees "long to belong" (IE, June 28) should not be equated with the nostalgic memories these resettlers may have for their native homes.

Resettlers often experience some type of longing when they are in transition — a phase that begins when project-affected persons know they have to relocate. It is a phase that involves high levels of stress as families and communities are often spilt between their native homes and the new place of residence. However, when resettlers relocate based on choice, this longing can be minimised.

Based on my experience a number of oustees, displaced by the Sardar Sarovar Project and resettled around Dabhoi, are now in their tenth year of resettlement. For some, they have been able to cope with this feeling by selecting to relocate in resettlement units of their own choice. Whether this move was done individually or in small groups with other village members, these oustees were able to maintain their social networks at the new sites. In other projects of this kind, these networks are the first to be dismantled and destroyed. These are the networks which are essential in coping with the need to belong.


Whom do we trust?

Sir: Why it is termed as a massacre when Hindus are killed in Kashmir, whereas the Muslim killings are considered to be encounters. Whom should we trust — the press, the politicians, or the paramilitary?

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Get back POK

Sir: Kashmir has been part of India from the beginning, prior to the division and creation of the two nations. Now that we know the facts, there is nothing to discuss and if Pakistan continues with its aggressive behaviour, it is time to respond once and for all and take back those parts of Kashmir that are presently with Pakistan.

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How about ‘Cowdam’?

Sir: Those who are interested in changing the name Ahmedabad into Karnavati or whatever, should consider changing it to Cowdam or Cowdung, or some such name, as Ahmedabad is presently taken over by cows. The other day, around 5 pm, I cycled from Vijaya Chaar Rasta to the highway (Taltej). Just on the left side of the road alone, I counted 78 cows (small and big). I imagine the other side would have had as many.


O Shivaji!
Sir: A man who arose after a hundred deaths has finally fallen into eternal sleep. One of the most versatile actors of all times, who had played every role a man can ever imagine in the best possible way, has died.

‘V.C. Ganeshan’ was the name with which Shivaji Ganeshan entered films first. One veteran of the Tamil film industry, who saw him play the role of the great Maratha king, Shivaji, pronounced that he can no longer be separated from the name ‘Shivaji’. Hence, just like a saint gets a new name on enlightenment, this thespian got the name, ‘Shivaji Ganeshan’.

From then on, he went on to play a variety of roles from grandson to grandfather, patriot to traitor, hero, villain, comedian, singer, poet, artist, sportsman, a handicapped person, you name it and he has played it. These movies will keep him immortal.

So magnificent was his career that even I, an 18-year-old, born and brought up in Mumbai, cannot stop crying at the thought of his death. His life is, was, and will be an inspiration for every young man who has the power to dream.

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