The Editor,
Indian Express, Mumbai

Dear Sir,

Refer to the news item regarding the "Experts Dispute NBA Quake Theory" (IE, 29.1.01). Its presentation and heading may create some misgivings. I have told that we have yet to get the information and analysis of experts regarding the cause of the present quake. I made it clear to your reporter that "This earthquake did not take place in the Narmada fault zone. Its relation with Narmada dams will have to be probed by the experts". I also said that, "NBA has been demanding about the independent and in-depth investigation about the seismic aspect about the Narmada valley". This has been NBA's demand for long.

The last quote regarding the RIS, the quote  belongs to Mr. Arun Singh and not me. The headline of the news item is bit unfair to NBA's position regarding this earthquake. We look at this phenomena as a serious human predicament and not something as a wrangling point. We are at present concentrating our efforts on the solidarity and relief for the quake hit brethren. The serious issues definitely will come to the fore in the later phase.

I hope you will publish this rejoinder to remove any misgivings.

Sanjay Sangvai