Translation From Gujarati

Sandesh: 8-1-2000

Currently, While The Whole Of Gujarat Is Reeling Under Drought

Tribals Get Stinking Water As The Gates Of Narmada Project Are Being Closed On Whim And Fancy.( Headline)

Villages On Riverbank Get Water That Stinks Of Dead Fish (In Box)

Kevadia Colony date 7: The authorities close the gates of Narmada project at their whim and fancy. Due to this, the tribals living on the bank of the river are getting stinking water to drink due to dead fish. Right now Gujarat is desperate for drinking water. The whole state is experiencing water shortage from winter itself. One can imagine what the situation in summer will be like. Recently, since quite some time, the main gates of the Narmada project are being closed anytime arbitrarily. The water of Narmada is mainly used by the people in the villages like Garudeshwar, Kevadia village, Gora, Wagadia, Navagam, Tilakwada, Karjan, etc. These are mainly poor tribal people. Also aquatic life is dying in large numbers. This consists mainly of fish. As the flow of Narmada river has stopped, as aquatic life is dying, the people on the banks of the river are using polluted- stinking water. Animals – cattle are also drinking this water. This has lead to a situation wherein this area may get into the grip of illness like cholera.

Confidential sources say that the authorities are closing the gates of the dam before giving prior notice. And one or so gate is opened at their convenience and desire. But this convinience of theirs is playing with the lives of tribals. This is not being considered. As the flow in the downstream has stopped, the people have no choice but to use this water.

The demand of the people living on the banks is that as was the case in the past, atleast one gate should be kept open for 24 hours so that clean water can be derived.

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