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Narmada: Chronology of events

1964 Investigations start
1963 Proposal for construction of high dam mooted
1965 MP opposes Khosla Committee recommendations of Dam with 455 feet FRL
1965-68 Government negotiates to resolve issue amicably
1969 Narmada Water Dispute Tribunal comes into play. Issue referred to the tribunal
1979 Ten years later NWDT fixes FRL at 138.68 m
(455 ft)
1983 Government of Gujarat submits Narmada Project Report to the Centre
1985 Anti-dam lobby, headed by Medha Patker, enters the scene to oppose the Dam
1987 Centre grants environment and forest clearance 1988 Investment clearance by Planning Commission cleared
1990 Pro- and anti-Dam lobbies confront at Ferkuan, at the border of Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh
1991 Japan cancels loan and World Bank withdraws support
1994 Madhya Pradesh proposes reducing dam height to 436 ft
1995 Construction of 80 m completed. Further construction stopped by SC order
1999 Further construction upto 88 m allowed though an interim order by SC


  Dam                                    Rs.1019.45 crores
  Main canal                          Rs. 1588.54 crores
  Distribution System             Rs. 2818.10 crores
  Power generation               Rs. 0979.95 crores
  Total cost                            Rs. 6406.00 crores
  Revised estimates               Rs. 10000.00.crores
  Estimated to cost                 Rs. 20000.00 crores
  at current price

  STATE                            TOTAL                      REHABILITATED

      MP                      33,000                     3,700
  Gujarat                    4,600                      4,502
 Maharashtra              3,100                     2,100
Water ( Drinking and Irrigation )
and Power Situation

Irrigation from SSP
          Gujarat             Rajasthan          Maharashtra    18,00,000Hects      75,000 Hects       37,500 Hects    0132 Cities
   7243 Villages

It will only be after the dam attains a height of 110 m that the planned 17.93 lakh hectares, in 3360 villages of 62 talukas of 14 districts, will be irrigated. Even the drinking water would reach the thirsty areas only after the dam height reaches 95 m and the entire canal work is completed. Till now, of the 458 km, only 263 km have been completed. Work on the 23 branches in phase I has already been completed while 19 branches of phase II is on hand. A provision of 1,300 crore has already been made in the state budget for the year 2000 - 2001.

Hydro power 1450 MWs to be shared
              Gujarat         MP            Maharashtra
                16 %            57%           27%


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