has complete contact information for pretty much everyone you might want to contact in the Government. Specifically check Chief Ministers of States (India). If you have other useful information to add to this page, please send it to
Note that the phone numbers below might have changed or in some cases you might have to prefix a 2. Check for the latest info.

President of India
Address Smt Pratibha Patil
The President of India
Rashtrapati Bhavan
New Delhi - 110 004
Fax +91-11-23017290, +91-11-23017824
Phone +91-11-23014930 Ext 4211,4400, 4260 (Secretary of President)
+91-11-23013488 Ext 4218 (Private Secretary of President)
Email (Press Secretary of the President) Write to the president at
Prime Minister of India
Address Dr Manmohan Singh
Prime Minister of India
7, Race Course Road,
New Delhi - 110 001
Fax +91-11-23016857, +91-11-23019545 (PM Office)
+91-11-23015603 (PM residence)
Phone +91-11-23018668, +91-11-23015470 (Residence) +91-11-23012312, 23018939 (Office) +91-11-3016996 (Joint Secretary of PM)
+91-11-3018939 (Personal Secretary of PM)
Email OR
Email to PM at
Chairman R&R subgroup of the Narmada Control Authority (NCA)
Address Dr. Veena Chhotray,
Chairman, R&R Sub-Group of NCA
Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment,
Phone/FAX +91-11-23385180 (Office) +91-11-23382683 (FAX)
Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment
Address Mrs Meira Kumar,
Phone/FAX +91-11-23381001, 23381390 (Office) +91-11-23684696 (Residence)
Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Address Shri Sushilkumar Shinde,
Chief Minister,
Mantralaya, Mumbai,
Maharashtra - 400 023
Phone +91-22-23633051; +91-22-2364950; (Residence)
+91-22-22025151; +91-22-22025222; (Office)
Fax +91-22-23633272, +91-22-22029214
Maharashtra Minister for Rehabilitation
Address Dr Patangrao Kadam,
Phone +91-22-22027174 (office)
+91-22-23632748 (residence)
Fax +91-22-202-8660
Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
Address Shivraj Singh Chowhan
Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh
Vallabh Bhavan
Madhya Pradesh
Fax +91-755-2540501; +91-755-2441781
Phone +91-755-2442231; +91-755-2441033; (ministry)
+91-755-2540500, 2540361, 2540503, 2540564 (residence)
Email OR
NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development)
Address Shri Nanda,
Chairman, NABARD,
Bandra Kurla Complex,
Fax +91-22-6530002
Phone +91-22-6530001
Environment Minister
Address Shri A. Raja,
Union Minister,
Ministry of Environment and Forests,
Rm # 424, Paryavaran Bhavan, C.G.O.Complex,
Lodhi Road Institutional Area,
New Delhi
Phone +91-11-24361748; +91-11-24361727
Secretary, MoEF
Address Ms. Meena Gupta, Secretary,
Ministry of Environment and Forests, Chair, Environment Subgroup of NCA, Paryavaran Bhavan, C.G.O.Complex,
Lodhi Road Institutional Area, New Delhi
Fax +91-11-24361896
Phone +91-11-24360721 (off), 91-11-26889546 (res)
Contact info of other officials
Sonia Gandhi +91-11-23014481/23012656
91-11-23018651 (FAX)
Ambika Soni (Congress in charge of MP) +91-11-23019056 (Office)
+91-11-26496202/26496218 (Home)
Prof. Saifuddin Soz (Minister of water resources) Email:
91-11-23714200, 11-23714663, 11-23711780 (off), 11-23782032 11-23782034 (res) 91-11-23710804 (FAX)
Mrs Gauri Chatterjee (Secy, Minister of water resources) Email:
91-11-23715919 (off),11-23710305 (FAX), 11-23073521 (res)
Afroz Ahmad, Director (Rehab.) NCA, 0731-2558603 (off), 0731-2574530 (res)
Mr.Madhavan (Officer on Special Duty at Sonia Gandhi's Office) +91-11-23012686
Shri Madhukar Pichad (Maharashtra Tribal Development Minister) +91-22-22022100 (Office) 23676951 (Residence)
Arun K. Mago(Chief Secy. Maharashtra) +91-22-22025042/22028762 Ext 3747,3597 (Office)
+91-22-22028594 (Fax)
+91-22-22045120 (Home)
Contact info of some other MP officials
Governor Balram Jakhar +91-755-(2441300 to 2441303) (Office)
+91-755-2551946/2557680 (Home)
+91-755-2554711 (Fax)
B.K Saha, Chief Secretary +91-755-2441370,2441848 (Office)
+91-755-2553090 (Home)
+91-755-2441521 (Fax)
Pradeep Bhargava, Vice Chairman of NVDA +91-755-2431258 (Residence)
+91-755-2556950 (Office)
Personal Assistant to CM +91-755-551433 (Office)
Smt. Meena Singh (Minister of Tribal Development) +91-755-2441006 (Office)
+91-755-2440255 (Home)
MP Home Ministry +91-755-551619
Suranjana Rey, Principal Secretary, Ministry for Tribal Development +91-755-551377
Aditya V Singh, Chief Secretary of MP, +91-755-551370 (Office)
+91-755-551848 (Office)
+91-755-555282 (Home)
+91-755-252282 (Home)
L.K.Joshi, Commissioner, PR +91-755-552770 (Office)
Rajendra Joshi, Press Room +91-755-2540210 (Office)
+91-755-2739919 (Fax)
Alirajpur SDM Nishant Varvade 07394-233503 (off), 07394-233502 (res)
Collector of Dhar, Sanjay Dube +91-7292-234702 (Office)
+91-7292-234711 (Fax)
SP of Dhar, Mr.K K Lohani +91-7292-35228 (Office)
+91-7292-35229 (Home)
+91-9827033160 (Cell)
Collector of Nandurbar +91-2564-221002 (Residence)
+91-2564-221002 (Office)
+91-2564-222230 (FAX)
SP of Nandurbar +91-2564-223213 (office)
Dewas District Magistrate +91-7272-52111
Badwani Police +91-7290-22044
Badwani Police Adyaksh (?) +91-7290-22561
Badwani SDM (?) +91-7290-22028