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Earlier this year, the height of the Sardar Sarovar dam was allowed to be raised upto 88m. This was done inspite of the total failure of the Government to compensate and resettle the affected tribal communities. In protest against the impending submergence, activists and residents of the Narmada valley declared that this monsoon, they would be on satyagraha(a form of non-violent protest). They resolved that they would stay in their houses and face the submergence waters rather than move. Due to the release of waters from the upstream dams, the protest sites were submerged thrice this monsoon. On August 10-11, September 18 and September 21. In all instances the police arrested the peaceful protesters. On Sept. 21, after standing in the rising waters for more than 28 hours, the waters rose upto the necks of the satyagrahis. This was when the police physically assaulted and arrested the satyagrahis and hundreds of other protestors.


Domkhedi submerged.
The picture below was taken on Aug 3. Compare the levels of the yellow banner in the pictures.

Satyagrahis brave the waters

The waters continue to rise...

Medha Patkar

Some more pictures of Domkhedi satyagraha site (Aug 10th submergence)