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Dear friends of river Narmada and her people,

With an impending submergence in the coming monsoon only a few months ahead, the situation in the valley is utmost serious and challenging. Facilitated by the Supreme Court order, the State is trying their best to further the dam height. The people, even affected at 80 mts, are yet to be rehabilitated. The just arrived report of the Grievance Redressal Authority, Madhya Pradesh too has made it categorically clear that not even one rehabilitation site is established in Madhya Pradesh, the state with largest submergence, as per the stipulations of the Tribunal Award. For the Valley, there is no other way than to be on the warpath against this destruction and destitution.

The earthquake in Gujarat has come to us as a shock and as a matter of grave anguish and sorrow. The lives of the people perished in it are countless. We are doing our best to help the survivors to restore their lives and livelihood. Teams of Narmada Bachao Andolan are already in and on their way to the affected area, distributing the materials collected from the submergence villages of Sardar Sarovar and Maheshwar Dams, and from supporters all over, and helping them rebuild their lives and homes.

While addressing the immediate responsibility of the citizens, one also has to think of ways and means to avoid, or lessen, the chances of furthering the exploitation of the mother earth, investigating impacts of unnatural intervention such as large water bodies, resulting in such tragedies. Minimising the human interventions in the sensitive areas should get paramount importance.

Saving the valley from submergence doesn't mean just saving the lands and houses of tens of thousands of people, their sources of livelihood or just saving the forest from vanishing. It also means saving the nation from unforeseen calamities. It means averting over exploitation of nature and shunning from abuse or unjust distribution of her endowment the natural resources.

For the people of Narmada Valley, struggle has been the only way for this. Their life is nothing else but a struggle. The 15 years old struggle, passing through many milestones, has reached a peak.

The Supreme Court judgment was denounced as illogical and anti people, in and outside the valley.

To intensify the struggle, people have decided to hold Narmada Sangharsh Parikrama, a march on the streets and through the to-be-affected villages of Nimad, to culminate in a public gathering in Indore. The program is planned from 4th April to 10th April.

The Parikrama, will be partly on foot and by vehicles through the villages, strengthening the vow of people to save the valley from irreparable damage. Many cultural floats, folk songs, traditional instruments, puppet shows etc will give it a festive touch.

Parikrama will start from village Balgaon on the 4th April. Accompanied by hundreds of people, it will pass through over 45 main towns and villages of Nimad and will reach Indore on the 10th, to culminate it in a public gathering. Hundreds of representatives from the tribal areas of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, rehabilitation sites, colony, canal, sanctuary affected and Nimad, and supporters from all over will be in the Parikrama. Large number of people from all affected villages of SSP, as well as other dams on Narmada and representatives from people's movements from all over will join for the public gathering at Indore.

Cultural floats, street plays, traditional instruments, etc. will be a part of this Parikrama. You, as a friend of river Narmada and her people, are requested to participate in this program and strengthen the struggle of the Valley. Your bringing displays, banners, puppet shows, instruments or whatever you feel apropriate (and innovative) will enrich the Parikrama more.

Several eminent persons will be a part of the Parikrama at different stages. This will be an ideal occasion to see the most fertile land, which refuses to drown in Sardar Sarovar Dam ... and the struggle against the gigantic dam and struggle for an alternative development paradigm.

We know that only an united fight will save the valley and time is not as demanding as this for such an action. Come......join us......... let's save the valley together.

Kamala Yadav
Dedlibai Vasave
Bawa Moharia
Beliben Tadvi
Mahesh Patel
Ashish Mandloi
Shobha Wagh
Kailash Awasia
Medha Patkar

How to reach & where

You reaching Badwani on the 3rd night will be the best either via Dhule, Khandwa, Bhopal, Indore or Baroda. From all these places except Bhopal, it will take 4-5 hours by bus. From Bhopal, it is 10-11 hours. Those who plan to reach on the early morning of the 4th, pleaes get donw at Kasravad fata (Maral fata), which is on the Bombay-Agra road. While coming from Bombay (towards Indore) Kasaravad fata is 9 km.s ahead of Tikri and 2kms before Khalgat bridge (across river Narmada). NBA volunteers will be waiting for you near the Deepak Pan Center (with NBA banners/flags) and will help you to reach Balgaon. Pleaes do not plan to go to Badwani on the 4th morning - it will be an additional travel of 4 hours.

Please confirm your arrival and departure by return mail or by telegram/fax/phone.

April 4 Start from Village Balgaon
April 10 Public Gathering at Indore
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