Satyagraha in 2001 Another submergence has been imposed on the Narmada valley in the monsoon of 2001. The new phase of the struggle, the Satyagraha - non-violent resistance, will be launched against the dam and inhuman displacement and unjust development here and all over from July 5, 2001 at Jalsindhi (Madhya Pradesh) and Domkhedi (Maharashtra). In Nimad (Madhya Pradesh), Satyagraha will start at Chhoti Kasaravad (near Badwani), on July 9 near the residence of Baba Amte. Baba has taken a pledge to be one of the Satyagrahis, himself. At both places the people will be staying put in their homes and face the rising waters that may engulf land, houses.... everything alive. Satyagrahis will stake their lives and assert people's right to life and resources.

Invitation to join the Satyagraha

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Satyagraha 2001
Announcement of Narmada Satyagraha 2001 from July 5
Pictures from the launch of Satyagraha 2001
NBA Note
Monsoon Satyagraha 2001: Why we have chosen the Path of Struggle
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Satyagraha Update: July-Aug 2001
Jeevan Yatra
Children of Narmada march against death and destruction
Report of the Jeevan Yatra by L S Aravinda
Photographs from Jeevan Yatra
IRN Report
"No Land, No Justice"; IRN Report of the Satyagraha
Satyagraha 2000
Join Satyagraha in Narmada Valley from July 15
Satyagraha in Jalsindhi and Domkhedi (July 2000)
Launch of Narmada Satyagraha (July 15 2000)
Update of happenings at Domkhedi
Statement of Justice Sachar
Images from Satyagraha 2000
NBA Press Releases on Satyagraha 2001
Aug 20 Submergence Water Enters Narmada Satyagraha Hut on August 16; Satyagrahis Firm for 6 Hours: People Chase Away Police
Aug 18 Jeevan Yatra at Bhopal. Search for Life and Livelihood
Aug 16 Jeevan Yatra Flagged off from Narmada banks; SOS from Children of Narmada Valley to the President
July 30 August 1: "AFRICA DAY OF THE NARMADA" - Solidarity with Narmada Satyagraha; Satyagraha Continues
July 22 Maharashtra Satyagrahis Confront Collector On Displacement; M.P. Police intimidate villagers opposing cash compensation
July 20 Satyagrahis prepared to face submergence; Water level stabilises at two feet below Satyagraha house; Organizations Demand Implementation of Daud Committee Recommendations
July 16 Major floods in Narmada Valley in next 24 hours feared; Satyagrahis to face submergence, oppose 'Sham Rescue Operation' by Government
July 12 Justice (Retd.) Daud Committee Report on Resettlement of Sardar Sarovar Project Oustees in Maharashtra Comes Down Heavily on the Government; Exposes the Lapses in Supreme Court Judgment; Vindicates NBA's Position
July 10 Senior Activists Begin Three Day Fast
Satyagraha Gathering Strength
July 09 Baba Amte invites President of India to visit Narmada valley to understand displacement and submergence: Kasaravad Satyagraha launched
People Lambast Vilification Campaign By Jamuna Devi and NCCL-Challenge to Prove Allegations
July 06 Narmada Satyagraha launched in Jalsindhi-Domkhedi on july 5
People determined to dare submergence: It is larger struggle
July 02 The Satyagraha : A challenge to people and the government
"Ban NBA" move by an unholy alliance against democracy
July 02 Satyagraha of Maan Dam affected people begins in village Khedi
If there is no land to sustain generations, then people will brave the rising waters
Press Clippings on Satyagraha 2001
July 05 NBA activists to begin 'Satyagraha' (Video Report: Realmedia file - 28K) Times of India
July 05 NBA activists to begin 'Satyagraha' (Video Report: Realmedia file - 56K) Times of India