Satyagraha in 2002 This monsoon (Aug-Sep) saw widespread submergence and devastation in the Narmada valley due to the illegal increase of dam height earlier in May 2002 to 95m (plus 3m humps) despite the fact that over 11000 families were not rehabilitated. On Sep 2, the water level rose to an unprecedented 107m at the dam site. At the satyagraha sites in Jalsindhi (Madhya Pradesh) and Domkhedi (Maharashtra), activists and villagers stood in the rising waters for many days, refusing to move and voicing their silent protest against the lack of proper resettlement of dam oustees and affirming their right to life and livelihoods. Despite the water levels rising up to the neck in some places, the satyagrahis were steadfast in their will not to move.

Satyagraha 2002
Announcement of Narmada Satyagraha 2002; June 15
Directions to satyagraha sites
Pictures from Satyagraha 2002
Preliminary estimate of submergence
Satyagraha 2001
Announcement of Narmada Satyagraha 2001 from July 5
Pictures from the launch of Satyagraha 2001
NBA Note
Monsoon Satyagraha 2001: Why we have chosen the Path of Struggle
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Satyagraha Update: July-Aug 2001
Jeevan Yatra
Children of Narmada march against death and destruction
Report of the Jeevan Yatra by L S Aravinda
Photographs from Jeevan Yatra
IRN Report
"No Land, No Justice"; IRN Report of the Satyagraha
NBA Press Releases on Satyagraha 2002
Sep 10 Massive Devastation By Submergence; Narmada People Demand Compensation, No Increase In Dam Height
Sep 06 More Than 800 People Affected by Sardar Sarovar Project Block Highway 26 (Khandwa-Baroda) to Protest Unjust Submergence
Sep 05 State Government Belittles Submergence; Devastation in Narmada
Valley: Medha, Kamla Yadav Face Neck-deep Water
Sep 03 SSP Dam waters Rise Alarmingly;Tribals Face Untold
Submergence;Satyagrahis Standing In Neck Deep Narmada Waters
Sep 1 Waters rising dangerously with Satyagrahis facing submergence in Sardar Sarovar
Aug 31 Large Scale Submergence Imminent Again in the Narmada Valley; Affected Peopled Determined to face Illegal Submergence
Aug 25 Heavy Rains in the Catchment Area; Illegal Submergence Expected Any Time; Satyagrahis and Villagers Determined to Face the Waters
Aug 24 Submergence Causes Large Scale Devastation in Narmada Valley; People's Lives Still in Danger; No Further Increase in Dam Height
Aug 22 Sitaram Kaka, Mohanbhai, Geetanjali, Medha Patkar, others face Narmada submergence; Water Level at Dam 102 m+; Satyagrahis firm; Water starts receding slowly after devastation
Aug 21 Major Submergence in Sardar Sarovar: Dam Water Enters Satyagraha Places in Domkhedi and Jalsindhi and in Other Villages. Police Arrest Many while People Facing Unjust Submergence Refuse to Move
Press Clippings on Satyagraha 2002
Sep 5 Medha Patkar taken to safety The Hindu
Sep 5 100 NBA activists trapped in Narmada flood water at Domkhedi; Hindustan Times
Aug 26 NBA activists ready to face submergence in Narmada water
June 28 Medha plans satyagraha The Hindu