A Narmada Diary, July 2004

Photos © Subramanya Sastry and Manoj Saranathan

These are photos from our July 19-31, 2004 trip to the various dams and dam affected areas along the Narmada river. We visited Harsud (Narmada Sagar affected township), Naya Harsud (where Harsud residents have been forcibly relocated to), the temple town of Omkareshwar, site of Omkareshwar dam, Maheshwar dam site, Pathrad and Mardana, villages affected by Maheshwar dam, Upper Veda area, Roopkheda where viable alternatives are being carried out using check dams, bunds and local participation, Maan dam site and the tinsheds where some of the oustees are resettled, Sardar Sarovar (SSP) affected areas including Hapeshwar, Jalsindhi and Bilgaon, where a 15kW microhydel has been installed and finally Vadchil in Maharashtra where some of the people from Surung, Domkhedi have been resettled.

Harsud and Naya Harsud
Omkareshwar area
Maheshwar area
Upper Veda area
Maan area