Submergence in the Narmada valley (Jul 28-29 2003)

Photographs © Abivyakti and Narmada Bachao Andolan

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Waters enter Keshav Vasave's
house in village Nimgavhan,
Dist. Nadurbar, Maharashtra
Submerged home of Kewal Singh
village Nimgavhan, Dist. Nadurbar
Wooden pillars of submerged
home in village Bharad
Dist Nandurbar, Maharashtra
Two persons in dungi,
village Domkhedi, Dist. Nandurbar
Students of jeevanshala,
village Bharad
Person standing in front
of submerged house, village Bharad
Young man looking into
his home, village Bharad
Three domes of submerged
Hapeshwar temple, Gujarat
Bava Luhariya in front of submreged house,
village Jalsindhi, MP
Village Chimalkhedi turned
into an island
Higher officials being questioned
at 'warn and watch centre'
in village Chimalkhedi
Debris of adivasi houses
destroyed by police in
village Chimalkhedi