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This page contains pressclippings on the Maheshwar struggle only.
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News in August 2000

Siemens withdraws from Maheshwar
Asian Age; August 31, 2000

News in July 2000

A moral victory for the NBA
Dr V. Venkatesan Frontline; vol. 17, issue 15; July 22 - Aug 04 2000

Maheshwar project cost-effective: S Kumars"
Economic Times; July 20, 2000

News in June 2000

German review faults Maheshwar dam project
The Hindu; June 30, 2000

Indira Sagar Project: MP to focus on power
The Economic Times; June 30, 2000

US firm to hold talks with Narmada activists
The Statesman; June 26, 2000

US role in Indian dam draws flak
The Times of India; June 22, 2000

News in May 2000

Narmada activists mount pressure on Germany
Asian Age; May 29, 2000

News in April 2000

Ogden pledges care of oustees
The Statesman; 30 Mar 2000

News in March 2000

Maheshwar project will affect 40,000 villagers: NBA
The Times of India; 27 Mar 2000

Indian, US firms clinch $1.4 bn deals in IT, power, tourism & environment
The Hindustan Times; 24 Mar 2000

Siemens under scrutiny over power project
The Times of India; 08 Mar 2000

News in January 2000

A dam and some questions
Frontline; Vol. 17 Issue 02, Jan 22 - Feb 04 2000

How private cops crushed a magical protest
Firstperson report by Arundhati Roy and Jharana Jhaveri
Hindustan Times; January 16 2000

Hunt on for shady aliens among NBA protestors
Deccan Herald; January 16 2000

NBA activists released
Hindustan Times; January 14 2000

NBA march turns out to be a damp squib
Times of India; January 13 2000

Author released after dam protest
BBC Online; January 12 2000

India Anti-Dam Protesters Arrested
New York Times; January 12 2000

More than 1,500 anti-dam protesters arrested in India
CNN Online; January 12 2000

Arundhati and the dam
The Independent; January 12 2000

Arundhati, NBA activists court arrest
Hindustan Times; January 12 2000

Arundhati Roy, 400 anti-dam activists arrested
The Hindu; January 11 2000

Arundhati returns to Narmada tomorrow for do-or-die stir
Asian Age; January 08 2000

NBA march to stop work on Maheshwar
The Hindustan Times; January 07, 2000

News in December 1999

Ogden Energy to pick up 49% in Maheshwar project
The Economic Times ; December 14, 1999

NBA leads villagers' protest against Maheshwar dam
The Hindu; December 1, 1999

News in October 1999

NBA writes to SEBI on Maheshwar
The Times of India; October 30th, 1999

News in August 1999

Maheshwar ? Damn It
V. Radhika; The Week; August 29

Don't shoot the messenger
Sumir Lal, Opinion; The Hindustan Times; August 17

In Deep Waters
V. Radhika; The Week; August 15-21

On the waterfront
Editorial ; The Hindustan Times; August 14

Narmada Maiya konin chhe? Hamri chhe, hamri chhe
Sumir Lal; Features;The Hindustan Times; August 8

Contempt of the people
Sumir Lal; Features;The Hindustan Times; August 8

Arundhati hears a loud whisper
The Hindustan Times; August 8

Urban India touches rural reality
The Hindustan Times; August 8

Rally for the Valley
Opinion; The Hindu; August 8

When the Valley waited for the river child
S.Prasannarajan; The Indian Express, August 5
Meet Silvie, the NBA's passionate vocal cord
S.Prasannarajan; The Indian Express, August 8
Response: Postcards from the edge of the river
Expressions; The Indian Express; August 11

Germany may pull the plug on Indian dam
The Guardian; August 4

Narmada dam protest winds up
BBC Online; August 4

NBA rally in MP ends peacefully;
State government criticised for deployment of police personnel

The Times of India; August 4

'Rally for the Valley'
BBC Online; August 1

News in July 1999

An ill-conceived and ill-fated project
Dr.Sandeep Pandey; Kashmir Times; The North East Daily; Earthwire

News in April 1999

MP govt to publish status paper about Narmada projects
Indian Express, April 17

S Kumar's power project likely to wreak havoc in Jalud village of M-P
The Hindustan Times, April 10

News from 1998

Maheshwar power project: Masses rise against people's movement
The Hindustan Times; May 5, 1998

Narmada activists allege police brutality
The Hindustan Times; May 1, 1998