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Demonstration in NYC against Ogden Corp!
10 am; June 14th, 2000;

The Narmada Solidarity Coalition of NYC and Friends of the Narmada are organizing this demonstration in NYC, where Ogden Corporation will be holding its 2000 Annual Meeting of Shareholders. The demonstration is to protest Ogden's involvement in the Maheshwar Dam on the River Narmada in North West India. Part of a gigantic project that involves a series of dams across the river Narmada, this dam will displace about 35000 people in 61 villages, mostly communities of fisherfolk, sand quarriers and drawdown cultivators. Independent investigations have shown inadequate planning and land of poor quality, if any at all, for resettlement. The electricity will cost four to five times the current cost in this 400 MW project.

Ogden Corporation, which has no prior experience with large dams, is investing 49% equity, despite the fact that an US company and two German firms have pulled out of the project due to financial and social concerns. The company also has a bad environmental track record in the US with its solid waste disposal and incinerator units.

For more information on the Maheshwar project, visit

NYC Chandana Mathur(212-877-0048);
Nandita Ghosh (718-446-9107)
IRN Patrick McCully/Susanne Wong (510-848-1155)
Friends of the Narmada Vinod John (518-346-9384);
Aniruddha Vaidya (408-980-0672)