NBA Press Release
  24 April 2002
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Dharna Continues: Talks with NVDA unsatisfactory
People pledge to step up stir if government remains passive
Trade Unions Pledge Support to NBA

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People from the Narmada valley continued to hold on to their Dharna in front of the Narmada Bhavan for the second consecutive day. Trade Union representatives from All India Bank Employees Association, affiliate members of City Trade Union Council visited the Dharna today in an expression of solidarity with NBA.

Yesterday evenings meet with some officials of NVDA was neither conclusive nor total or satisfactory. Lastly it was decided with them that any decisive talk could be held in the presence of Chief Secretary Sh. Pradeep Bhargava in the presence of Chief Minister where the officials of Narmada Control Authority(an inter state monitoring organization) along with the officials of MP state government departments of forest,environement,archeology and revenue could be present. An agenda for rehabilitation for rehabilitation and issues of environment was also presented to them for further talks

Till date the Chief Minister Digvijay Singh and Subhash Yadav, Narmada Valley Development Minister have not informed about their plans to come back to Bhopal. People also testified with great determination with regard to the false reports on rehabilitation.

Today at the Dharna site Smt Jankibai, Smt Rukmani bai,Smt Bhuribai,Sh Hiralal and representatives of the adivasi area Sh Rajarambai started a 24 hour fast.

Plans to raise the height of the Sardar Sarovar from 90-95 metre to 100 metres without proper rehabilitation by secret negotiations between Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat Chief Ministers are not only shocking but are worth condemning-this was said in a letter sent to the Chief Minister of MP She. Digvijay Singh by various mass organizations. They demanded a joint committee on rehabilitation with the MP government and NBA being part of it. The mass organizations affirmed their support saying that it is engaged in fight for justice to the displaced while opening a dialogue on the issues of development. The organizations warned that people will not bear further injustice and there should be a dialogue with the displaced people sitting on Dharna. The letter was signed by various organization including Bharat Gyan Vigyan Samiti, All India Bank Employees Association and all labour unions affiliated to the City Trade Union Council. Later on in the evening representatives of mass organizations and other groups took out a march showing their support at the dharna site.

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Gita Chavan
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