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NBA Press Briefing                                 28th August, 1999

All Party Candidates in Akrani - Nandurbar Constituency Support NBA

In the 'Lok Manch' programme organised by NBA on 24th August in the tribal constituency of Akrani-Shahada, Nandurbar, all candidates and party representatives belonging to Congress (I), BJP-Shiv Sena, CPM and an independent supported and praised NBA raising the issue of injustice to tribals, violation of human rights and meager benefit to Maharashtra. The programme took place on August 224th at Dhadgaon, a town and block headquarters in Satpudas attended by a few thousand tribals from more than 50 villages and township dwellers. K.C.Padvi - the past Congress MLA narrated his work in the assembly and at the Central level and declared the district committee support through an unanimous resolution passed a month ago, opposing any further work on SSP. CPM candidates Kesarsingh and Bhuribai (for Parliament) referring to the people's movements they are involved in, appreciated the struggle for survival and questioned big centralised dams based on the capitalist policies. Udhesingh Pawra of Shiv Sena too was vehemently in support of the movement that, according to him as awakened the tribals and the downtrodden.

Noorjie Padvi, Dedlibai and others questioned the party en on their changing stand and keeping mum for years till the next elections. He gave examples of the way people are betrayed, but expressed faith in democracy. "We are for people's power and hope you would fight for the same and not any personal gains", Noorjie said.

Medha Patkar concluded with an analysis of the people's role and people's policies challenging the corrupt and callous ways and means of the mainstream politics. Welcoming the candidates and partymen, she criticised the unholy alliances dominating the electoral scene and appealed for an alliance among people's organisations and between people and honest partymen - howsoever small in number.

We will continue to have faith in democratic traditions but not without challenging the valueless politics through struggles.

Amrita Patwardhan, Keval Singh Vasave