NBA Press Release
  29 August 2001
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

People of Narmada Valley Warn Against Callous Decision on Dam:
Over 1200 in Bhopal: R&R Sub Group Meeting in progress

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In the context of the Rehabilitation and Resettlement Sub Group (of Narmada Control Authority) meeting being held in Bhopal today (29.8.2001), over 1200 triabls, farmers and other oustees from the Narmada Valley have reached Bhopal. R&R Sub Group, which looks into the progress on rehabilitation, time and again has given false reports on the status of rehabilitation, based on the fictitious reports of the state governments. These reports have misled the Court to accrue a faulty judgment from it, in October 2000.

At a time when about 5000 families are yet to be rehabilitated who will get affected by the already constructed dam(93 mts), the talk of furthering the dam height is not just illegal, but unjust and inhumane too. We consider the announcement of the Chief Ministers that they will ensure rehabilitation upto 100 mts by December 2001 as a mere political gimmick. The people are in Bhopal to remind the R&R Sub Group that the rehabilitation of thousands of families is yet to be done and as the NCA officials admitted time and again, there is no land even to offer to these families. How then, one can talk about 100 mts?

The Jst. Daud Committee (appointed by the Govt. of Maharashtra) in its report has categorically said that the dam as it stands today is in total violation of the State policies, Tribunal Award and Supreme Court order. They continued to say that unless there is a Master Plan for rehabilitation is made, with the participation of the people involved, no further construction should be done. The same applies to Madhya Pradesh too.

Supporters from different walks of life extended their solidarity with the struggle. Dr.Sunilam, Member of Legislative Assembly – MP, representatives of Tawa and Bargi dams, people from Kerala, Canada, Satara (Maharashtra) are some among them.

NBA warns that any callous decision on the dam height will not be taken lightly by the people of Narmada valley. While being in the Satyagraha, on the banks of Narmada, against the unjust submergence, and while we will never forgo the path of struggle to save our lands and houses, we also are open to dialogue with concerned bodies, if they show the courage to see the truth.

Medha Patkar