NBA Press Release
  29 December 2001
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!


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Thousands of people Tehri Garwal are forced to fight a teary battle for right to life and livelihood, against forcible submergence and eviction due to closing of gates of Tehri High Dam. After years of investigation by various committees and a strong challenge posed by Sunderlalji Bahuguna and most of the dam affected people in the region, the dam is exposed to be a destructive, seismically risky and socially and environmentally harmful project. When inspite of this the corrupt project authorities  Tehri Hydro Development Corporation (THDC) and other political and economic vested interests have pushed the dam ahead with equally questionable foreign investment, the people^̉s struggle is inevitable and in the interest of the country  it^̉s people and nature. Sunderlalji Bahuguna^̉s selfless guidance and determined, perseverant struggle has awakened the world but unfortunately none amongst our ruling elite.

NBA expresses its solidarity and full support to the struggle, which is in its critical phase.  The refusal by thousands of Tehri town-dwellers to move out of their houses and hamlets is a perfect non-violent protest against the State violence.

It is shocking to know that when Shri.Suresh Prabhu, the Central Power Minister, during his field visit last month, had directed the THDC^̉s officials against closing of gates and drowning the people of the age old township. It is the Prime Minister^̉s Office that gave an ad-hoc, irrational solution to such an inhuman and unconstitutional act. Such a State of democracy where not only the people but even the concerned sanctioning authority and the law of the land is ruled out and by-passed, needs to be challenged, and challenged with confidence and commitment. This can only come through wider people^̉s movements, by the development and dam victims.

NBA warns the governments concerned against the submergence of even an inch of the township or a single house, such as Sunderlalji Bahuguna^̉s residence of today. We also appeal to all people^̉s organisations and environmentalists to support and join Bahugunaji and the people of Tehri.

Medha Patkar