National Alliance of People's Movements
Press Release

Date: 25 January 2003
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Desh Bachao Desh Banao Abhiyan
Save the Nation, Build the Nation Campaign
(National tour programme)

For a National Renaissance: From Palakkad (Kerala) to Ayodhya, 26th January to 30th March,2003 : A call to join us

We all are aware of the challenges our nation faces today. On the one hand, communal forces are eroding the basis of our democratic polity, threatening the value of tolerance, secularism and social harmony, injecting the belligerent chauvinism in our body politic. Communalism and Casteism have been aggravating the violence and exploitation in our society.

On the other hand, the increasing dominance of national-multinational capital, thriving on the policies of Globalization, privatization and Liberalization, has been ruining the lives and livelihood of our people, particularly the depressed and marginalised sections. Though this is but the extension of the earlier capitalist-consumerist model of development, the unfettered scope for global capital has changed the situation drastically. Now, the State is collaborating with the Capital to usurp people's lives and their resources like land, water-bodies, sea-coasts and forests. The large-scale displacement and destitution in the name of development has rendered the tribals and farmers helpless and powerless. Continued unemployment due to new economic policies of privatization and disinvestment has crippled the unorganized and organized sectors of workers. Even the useful and profitable public services like -water, electricity, transport- are being dismantled and are privatized. Globalization has ruined agriculture, local industries, employment and the local markets. All this is being done with the connivance of the global financial agencies like World Bank, Asian Development Bank, World Trade Organization and multinational corporations. The global capital has been devouring the communities, their means of livelihood, natural resources and the social-cultural life. The Indian State, its laws and its democratic institutions have been made to serve the corporate interests.

In such a situation, we will have to go beyond merely analyzing, theorizing the situation. We cannot remain engrossed in our own struggles, important though they are. We will have to confront the challenge of the national-multinational capital and its politics, in a coordinated way. We have to develop and strengthen a new people's politics to safeguard the lives and rights of our people and their resources with a sane, equitable and sustainable development, resisting the dangers of global capital and social-political exploitation and fundamentalism. Such coordinated and united national struggle will have to be undertaken to bring forth the social, economic, political and cultural change in our values and situations, to make it truly just, equitable and Socialistic.

National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM), therefore, calls unto all the movements, Civil society organizations, and individuals who believe in equity, secularism and are against Globalization to proclaim a campaign leading towards a national movement with a pledge to

Desh Bachao-Desh Banao (Save the Country-Build the Country)

With this objective, the organizations in the Alliance will launch a campaign, a national tour from the Republic Day, January 26, 2003. The National Campaign, will be launched from Palakkad in Kerala, where the people have been struggling against the Coca-Cola company, which is usurping the water belonging to the community. The campaign will traverse 19 states before its conclusion at Ayodhya, the focal point of the communal forces in India.

Apart from representatives of various organizations and people?s movements, the convenors of NAPM, number of senior activists, prominent academicians, experts, artists, who will be joining this tour include people like Siddharaj Dhaddha, Kishan Patnaik, Surendra Mohan, Kuldip Nayyar, Swami Agnivesh, Dr. B D Sharma, Vishnu Bhagwat, Sukumar Azhikode, V R Krishna Iyer, Prabhas Joshi, Arundhati Roy, Chandrashekhar Dharmadhikari, Yogendra Yadav, Aruna Roy, L C Jain, Udit Raj, Kumar Prashant, Rajendra Singh and others. The tour will involve common people who have been victims of communalism and the globalization processes, organizing and addressing public meetings and meetings with the Organization and people at various places. It is a march which will give voice to and highlight the grievances of Adivasi, Dalit, Farmers, Laborers, Workers, Fisherpeople, Women and Youths - of all the exploited and victimized people.

The campaign will lead to a sustained struggle by the people against corrupt, anti-people politics and economy. The campaign will focus on the following key issues:

  • Right of the village communities to the natural resources such as water, land and forests, fish and minerals.
  • Right to life and livelihood of every person. Right to work.
  • A new paradigm of alternative development with equality, justice and sustainability as value and goals and suitable technology, democratic planning and the cooperative enterprises as the means.
  • No to Globalisation, Privatisation and WTO
  • Struggle against casteism and communalism and adherence to social equity and secularism.
  • Opposing corrupt political process, striving for right to information, clean and accountable representatives of people and decentralized democracy.

The campaign will take up these issues to the people, consult with them and formulate the concrete programme to follow. It will pave the way for an indefinite National People's Movement, which we call unto you to be a part of.

  • We are sure you will not remain a mute and aloof spectator- Be an active part of the campaign, help and participate in it.
  • Tell us of what kind will your participation in this national campaign be, where and for how long?
  • You can help in arranging a meeting of organizations/intellectuals/artists of any region and in spreading the word of the campaign, disseminating the message and the appeal.
  • Please mobilize financial help, vehicles and other inkind support for the campaign.
  • Do convey your suggestions regarding the Campaign and the post-campaign strategy, as well as programmes.
  • Ask for the detailed documents about this Abhiyan. We will send it to you by post or e-mail.

NATIONAL TOUR PROGRAMME JANUARY 26th to MARCH 30th ,2003 (Updated Jan 22nd, 2003)


1. KERALA Jan 26 Palakkad Geo Jose Jan 27 Calicut 9847346882 Jan 28 Cochin Jan 29 Thiruvanandapuram 2. TAMILNADU Jan 30 Kanya Kumari Dt. Gabriele D Jan 31 Trichy 0452 605134 Feb 1 Thiruvarur Dt. Feb 2 Arkonam Feb 3 Chennai 3. KARNATAKA Feb 4 Chennai and Bangalore Balkrishnan Feb 4 Mysore 080 3392354 Feb 5 Mysore and Bangalore Feb 6 Gulbarga 5. MAHARASHTRA Feb 7 Banda Ulka MAHAJAN Feb 8 Raigad 022 27458901 Feb 9 Mumbai Sanjay M.G. Feb 10 Sangali and Kolhapur 022 25369724 Feb 11 Latur Feb12 Sawali and Yeotmal Feb 13 Nagpur and Gosikhurd 6. CHHATTISGARH Feb 14 Durg and Raipur Binayak 0771 2422875 Feb 15 Dhantari, Kanker and Jagadalpur 7. ANDHRA PRADESH Feb 16 Warangal and Cheriyala P. Chennaiah Feb 17 Ibrahimpattanam and Hyderabad 9848132018 Feb 18 Guntur Feb 19 Yelur and Ankapalli Feb 20 Rajum 8. ORISSA Feb 21 Raigada, Dt. Kashipur Lingraj Feb 22 Bargarh 06646 231029 Feb 23 Bhubaneshwar 9. WEST BANGAL Feb 24 Medanipur Sukhendu Bhattacharya Feb 25 Kagdweep 033 22419263 Feb 26 Kolkata Feb 27 Malada Feb. 2 Jalpaigudi 10. NORTH EAST March 1 Guwahati March 2 Travel 11. BIHAR March 3 Muzaffarpur Vijay bhai 9835266506, 0612 2202855 12. JHARKHAND March 4 Ranchi/Dhanbad Vishwanath Bagi March 5 Travel 0326 330640 13. MADYA PRADESH March 6 Jabalpur Sunil c/o 07572 72171 March 7 Hoshangabad March 8 Baitul MAHARASHTRA March 9 Sindkheda Dt./ Dhulia 14. GUJARAT March 10 Umbergaon Swati 02640 220629 March 11 Dang and Jhankwav March 12 Nani Singlouti & Vadodara 15. RAJASTAN March 13 Udaipur Sawai Singh March 14 Bhim and Beawar 0141 2552878 March 15 Ajmer March 16 Jaipur 16. DELHI March 17 Dehli/ Bhikampura Rajendra Ravi 011 23945609 17. HIMACHAL PRADESH March 18 Pong Dam, Dt. Kangada S. S. Guleria c/o 01893 265465, 265519 18. HARIYANA & March 19 Patiyala 19. PUNJAB March 20 Chandigadh Devendra Yadav March 21 Hissar 01274 225963 March 22 Rohtak March 23 Rewadi 20.UTTARANCHAL March 24 Dehradun March 25 Tehri 21. UTTAR PRADESH March 26 Meerut Arundhati Dhuru March 27 Urai and Kanpur 0522 2347365 March 28 Banda March 29 Lucknow March 30 Ayodhya

In solidarity,

Sandeep Pandey (Uttar Pradesh), Sawai Singh (Rajastan), Rajnikant Dave (Gujarat), Sunil (Madhya Pradesh), D Gabriele (Tamilnadu), Charles Wesley (Andhra Pradesh), Ulka Mahajan (Maharashtra), Geo Jose (Kerala), Gayatri V (Karnataka), Indrajit Mukherjee (West Bengal), Rajendra Ravi (Delhi), Prof. Devendra Yadav (Haryana), Lingaraj (Orissa), Amarnath Bhai (Bihar), Vishwanath Bagi (Jharkhand),

Sanjay M G, P Chennaiah and Medha Patkar
(National Coordinators)