National Alliance of People's Movements
Press Release
Date: 29 January 2003
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NAPM joins Protest Against Sea-sand Mining in Kerala Organizations Call For People's Right Over Resources

The organizations with the National Alliance of People's Movements (NAPM) alongwith other organization in Kerala strongly protested against mineral sand mining on the coast of in Alapuzha district of Kerala on Tuesday (Jan. 29) stressing the people's right to resources and opposing development that is destructive and causing irrecoverable problems for the people. Ms Medha Patkar made an appeal to the people to form a Lok Manch, where experts and government officials can also be called to respond to the people’s issues. The activists called for the right to information and the right to question and to participate in decision making by the local people.

The protests were held on the coasts of Arattupuzha Panchayat, a beautiful coastal village where the people belonging to various social political organisations came together to protest against the sand mining. This sand contains minerals like Iliminite, Monozite and Thorium, which are then exported. This was a part of the nationwide campaign of the NAPM against the Glbalization and communalism.

Earlier in the day,the Swatantra Matsya Thozhilali Union (Independent Fish-workers Forum) organized a meeting in Arthumkel village in Alappuzha District. Mr. M.A. Baby (C.P.M. Central Committee Member) C.S. Sujatha (the President of the Panchayat), the Press Club President of Alappuzha, and many others, along with Ms Medha Patkar from NAPM highlighted the adverse impacts of sea-sand mining and the need for participatory development planning.

In a public meeting in Bank Employers Hall in Thiruvanandapuram people from all walks of life resolved to oppose communalism and Globalization.

Sanjay Mangala Gopal
(National Co-Coordinator)
Geo Jose