National Alliance of People's Movements
Press Release

Date: 31 January 2003
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Unorganized Workers, Students Groups Oppose Globalization: Assert Right to Livelihood, Secularism

Unorganized and Manual Workers' organizations in Tamil Nadu opposed the increasing mechanization process in the industries as a part of Globalization and the resulting unemployment. In the meetings with the 'Desh Bachao Desh Banao' campaign on January 30-31, number of unorganized workers’ unions expressed their determination to fight against the menace of Globalization and communalism. Various students' groups too joined the campaign and reiterated their resolve to confront the communal politics.

This was evident in the meetings on January 31 during the campaign. National Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM), has launched a nationwide campaign against Globalization and communalism, to evolve a nationwide programme with the consultation and participation with all progressive organizations. The campaign, launched from Palakkad district in Kerala, will traverse 17 states and reach Ayodhya on March 30.

The campaign is at present covering various issues and struggle points in Tamil Nadu. As the 15 member NAPM team reached Madurai on 31, a meeting was arranged in front of the railway station by Kattida Thozhilalar Panchayat Sanghom (construction workers union), Pennurimai Iyakkam, Workers and Peasants alliance, Women's Collective, Cycle Rickshaw Pullers Union,Domestic Workers Union, Sanitation Workers Union and Students for Secularism from various colleges.

In Trichy (Tiruchchirappalli), joint action committee of the unorganized workers organized a major rally and meeting, as this sector is the most affected by the liberalisation policies of the central and state Governments. The Gem cutting, construction, manual and agriculture are the worst affected. Workers and activists of Nirman Mazdoor Panchayat Sanghom (Construction Workers union), Garland service society, Karoor District Un-organized labourers' Sangham, Puthukottai District Un-organizad labourers' Sangham, Tamilnadu Manual Workers Union, Womens Struggle Committee, Roja Malar Magalir Sangham (Rose flower Women’s union), Trichy District Consumer Council and many others participated in the meeting. Medha Patkar warned about the dangerous alliance between foreign capital and our own Governments, at the Center and States. She called for an alternate alliance that can de-legitimize the existing power pattern and usher in a genuine democratic and secular polity.

On January 30, the students conducting the Tamilnadu Green Movement Pada Yatra led by Dr Jeevanandan received the team in Kanya Kumari. The meeting in Nagercoil which followed in the afternoon was attended by more than 700 people. The Meeting was arranged by a common alliance committee consisting of Tamilnadu Fish Workers' Union, Women's Collective,Deep Sea Fisherworkers' Union, Domestic Workers' Union, Peoples Movements against Nuclear Energy, Action Committee for Colaichel Harbour, Nava Jeevan and others. The Speakers included Ms Medha Patkar, Thomas Kocherry and others. They exposed the anti-people and deceptive forms of exploitation, destruction pursued by the Governments, and appealed to the people to wage a non-violent war against global capitalist forces supported by our governments irrespective of which ever Party they belong to.

Gabriele D.
Sanjay Mangala Gopal
Philip Mathew