NBA Press Release
  06 July 2002
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Resolve of Narmada Satyagraha: Struggle against the Unjust Submergence will continue
"Public Hearing and Jeevanadhikar Sankalp Yatra"

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"If the government claims that rehabilitation upto 95 mts level has been completed fully, then by hoisting the flag of satyagraha on our rooftops we will prove that we are still residing on our own land and disprove this untruthful claim!" This was stated by the adivasis and farmers from the Narmada Valley, who are getting affected at 95 mts submergence level this year after hoisting the Satyagraha Flag in their respective houses. Due to heavy rains on 30th June many people from different villages were not able to reach the Satyagraha site. Therefore, today on 5th July, people from submergence affected villages in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, in the presence of supporters from different region-states, took the Satyagraha Resolve (Sankalp).

Despite the SC judgement, due to inadequate progress on the rehabilitation front, the Andolan had been able to stop the construction of the dam for two years. But on 17th May this year, without fulfilling rehabilitation requirements Narmada Control Authority gave permission to raise the height of dam by further 5 mts. Maharashtra Chief Minister himself has agreed that in submergence affected villages of the state thousands of families still remain to be rehabilitated. Sardar Sarovar, which has been made into a matter of prestige by the Gujarat government, is itself under grave crisis due to scarcity of funds. The contractors lobby met Narendra Modi last week and threatened to suspend any further construction if the 860 crores or more owed to them by the Gujarat Government is not repaid.

In this context, the Satyagraha will continue in all the households of the Narmada Valley this year. This resolve, in the backdrop of the 17 long years eventful struggle was put forth forcefully by Keshav Sikka Vasavi, Vesta Dama Pavra, Dedlibai Jahangir Vasave of Maharashtra, Baba Mahariya from Madhya Pradesh adivasi regions and Devrambhai Kanera from Nimad region of Madhya Pradesh.

The Satyagrahis took the pledge of Satyagraha by offering their respects to mother Narmada and submerged an effigy of Narmada Control Authority which has conspired to uproot the adivasis and farmers from their ancestral land and pauperise them in the name of religion and development.

Andolan and the Satyagrahis has appealed to all good thinking people of the Nation to support them in the fight for justice by joining them in the 'Jeevanadhikar Sankalp Yatra' from 8th to 12th July in Maharashtra and the Public Hearing between 13th to 15th July in the areas to be affected in the ongoing monsoon.

Clifton D'Rozario
Umesh Patidar
Jojo John
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