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Press Note 1.7.99

Satyagraha Enters 12th Day

More People Reach Satyagraha Hut at Domkhedi and Jalsindhi
Jeevan Yatra Begins
Fast by Medha Patkar and Others from 4th July
Major Decision on 12th July

As the Satyagraha entered the 11th day, more people are arriving from the villages in valley and all over the country. The atmosphere has changed as the satyagrahis get into various activities. Rallies were taken out with tribal villages ready for the battle. Hundreds of men, women and children marched to the police camps in Bharad, Nimgavan and Domkhedi (all in Maharashtra). The police, few in numbers, were searched about the running waters and expressed helplessness in saving the people if water submerge their homes. In a few places, the police camps will be the first to submerge.

People will be marching towards the Jalsindhi Police camp (M.P.) to ask them of the purpose of their stay there and their readiness to take/do relief actions once the flood comes.

Hundreds will be coming together, not only from the Satpudas, Vindhyas and Nimad, but from throughout the country, at Domkhedi on 4th July for a mass meeting before the beginning of fast by a cadre of Satyagrahis including Medha Patkar and field representatives from 4th to 12th July. People are looking forward for a major announcement on July 12th on the next phase of the struggle.

Meanwhile, a march by 50 activists from Manibeli to Domkhedi, known as Jeevan Yatra has started by foot and boat on 29th June with representatives from many parts of the Narmada Valley and other states. This march is engaged in mobilisation and public awareness programs in all major villages like Chimalkhedi, Danel, Pipalchop, Bharad, Sikka, etc. and will reach Domkhedi on the 3rd after covering about 16 villages along the Narmada Valley.

At the same time the rains upstream is flooding the valley foot by foot. In a couple of weeks from today, the dam water will flood the houses and fields of a large number of families anywhere upto 50-60 villages in three states. The injustice of the system, the falsehood and insensitivity of the state will be encountered by the determination and commitment of the people to save their lives, their livelihood and the rich Narmada valley at any cost.

Sanjay Sangvai
Narmada Bachao Andolan