NBA Press Release
  24 July 2001
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Jst.Krishna Iyer For Stalling SSP Work Till Full Rehabilitation

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Senior Human Rights campaigner and eminent jurist, Jst.V.R. Krishna Iyer (Retd.) has appealed to the Prime Minister and the President of India to, "intervene at once to stall the construction of the Sardar Sarovar Dam until a conscientious commitment of rehabilitation has been carried out fully".

Appealing to the Supreme Court of India, Mr. Iyer said, "I appeal to the Supreme Court of India, hoping some humane citizen of organization will move the highest court to exercise its compassionate jurisdiction and cosmic jurisprudence, to do complete justice (Article 142) to the imperiled Indians. The verification of rehabilitation has to be done forthwith by a Commission under the Supreme Court's direction because humanity and justice are inseparable. Sans one the other is cipher".

In an appeal made from Kerala, he asserted that, "The right to life, under Article 21, is a Fundamental Right. Far above the highest dams is the value and worth of the human person"

Making it clear that, "You are committed to raising the height while there is global and Indian opinion to the contra", the noted jurist has appealed that, "The dam can wait but the waters will ride over the villagers and the macro crime will irreversibly remove from the earth precious lives, dearest life, because of the absolute obligation to preserve the last and the least of the inhabitants whose homes will be submerged and whose alternative rehabilitation is not available".

Number of people's organizations and prominent social activists have also appealed to the government not to take up the height of the dam beyond the present 90 meters when the serious issues of displacement, rehabilitation and cost-benefit of the dam are still unanswered.

Joe Athialy
Sanjay Sangvai