NBA Press Release

10 July 2001

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Senior Activists Begin Three Day Fast
Satyagraha Gathering Strength

Senior Gandhians, social activists and representatives of various dams in the Narmada Valley have started a three day fast in front of the Collector office in Badwani today. The 13 Upavas-Satyagrahis include, octogenarian Gandhian Siddharaj Daddha, Amarnathbhai, former Member of Parliament, Surendra Mohan, senior NBA activist Alok Agrawal, Budhiben Govind, Narmada Nagar village (Sardar Sarovar Project affected), Sushilabai, Mardana village (Maheshwar dam affected), Chander Singh, Khedi Balwari (Maan dam affected), social activist from Kerala, Geo Jose and others.

In a signed statement they declared that, "We, through this fast, would like to bring the attention of the whole nation and the world to the Narmada Valley, pathetic condition of crores of people who are displaced and to be displaced from their water, forest, land and other natural resources".

They also said that the people of Narmada Valley, especially Sardar Sarovar Dam affected are denied of justice by all institutions of the State. They also opined that the people's struggle, along with the support from different parts of the country and abroad, would surely win over adharma (injustice).

Earlier in the morning a few hundred people gathered in front of the Collector office and held a meeting. It was addressed by few village representatives, including Rukminikaki (Badada), Noorji Padvi and others. Medha Patkar in her address appealed others to stand by the people of Narmada Valley in this quest for truth and justice.

Supporters from Kerala, Belgaum, Tamilnadu, Pune, Mumbai and representatives of Bargi too were present.

The three day fast, till July 13th morning, will be observed by all 13 representatives, while teams observing fast for a day in solidarity will also join them in all these 3 days. Supporters from Kolhapur (Maharashtra) Desai, Ganpat Patil and Jamil Inamdar are on one day fast today.

This is a part of the monsoon Satyagraha inaugurated Domkhedi, Jalsindhi and Kasaravad, near Baba Amte's place.

Satyagraha at Domkhedi and Jalsindhi, started on the 5th July, are going on in full swing, with hundreds of people taking part in it.

Ashish Mandloi
Joe Athialy