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  11 July 2006
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The M.P. govt claims that their Special Rehabilitation Package (SRP) is a great deal for those PAFs who are unwilling to accept the land allotted to them by the state, because SRP gives the PAFs the opportunity to buy land of their own choice. We have been saying all along that the SRP is illegal because it is the responsibility of the government to allot cultivable and irrigable land to PAFs and resettle them at developed resettlement sites with all amenities. We have shown very clearly in Court that the land offered to PAFs is uncultivable grazing land, and is not a valid offer at all. This is even substantiated on page 18 of the Shunglu Committee Report where it states that land of the land bank offered to PAFs by the govt of M.P. was not irrigable and cultivable. We have also been stating that the SRP is illegal since it does not ensure that PAFs actually buy land and take possession of it.

The NSSO report (placed as Appendix 1 of Shunglu Committee Report) states that 4047 PAFs have accepted the SRP out of which 3075 have only received the first installment. Of these 465 seem to have bought land but not received the 2nd installment of SRP, but that still leaves 2610 families who have not bought any land at all, as admitted by NSSO.

For those who have purchased land, NSSO states on 2 different pages that there are 1137 / 1147 such PAFs. However, we have repeatedly stated that most of the people who the GOMP (and now the NSSO and Shunglu Committee) claim have purchased land by availing of SRP have, in reality, not bought any alternate land, and there is no such land in their possession. An overwhelming majority of the registries that have been carried out have been false, and have not led to actual transfer of land to the PAF. Of those who claim to have bought land, we believe that over 85% have not bought land in reality, merely carried out false registries to take the 2nd installment of SRP. These people do not have any land in their possession.

We gave the Shunglu Committee in a meeting on 17.5.2006 a detailed submission in which we clearly stated that false registries were being done and should be investigated, otherwise the claims of land purchase are bogus. We also gave them a copy of a letter written to Afroz Ahmed, Director (Rehab), NCA, Indore, giving specific names and villages of PAFs who claim to have purchased land with the SRP provided to them, but in reality they have not purchased any land and there is no such land in their possession. They were given the 2nd installment of the SRP on the basis of false and fake registries, which were only done in name but not in reality.

However, no one has investigated into fake registries. Afroz Ahmed in a meeting on 10.3.2006 said that the govt of M.P. had forbidden him to conduct an enquiry on this matter; hence he had not pursued it further. The NSSO and Shunglu Committee have also completely ignored the issue.

Land on Paper only: 2 astonishing cases highlighting false registries: Land-seller Mustafakhan S/o Ibrahimkhan, is a resident of Manawar, district Dhar. His land is in Udiyapur, tehsil Manawar, district Dhar. Prior to 1980, Mustafakhan owned 18.106 hectares (ha) of land, out of which he sold some and in 1985, he had only 9.412 ha remaining.

However, in June 2004, he sold 1.657 ha + 4.275 ha to two different persons, one of whom was Bhilu S/o Premji, resident of Khaparkheda, who bought the land through SRP. So, his remaining land at this time should be only 3.48 ha. These are all entered in Mustafakhan^s official land title book (rhin pustika/ pavti). But then, on 8.9.2004, Mustafakhan again sold 3.680 ha (more than he even owned at the time) to Hukumchand S/o Jeevanlal and others of village Khaparkheda, who bought the land under SRP scheme. Even after this date, this person has continued to sell more and more land to other PAFs under the SRP scheme. On 28.2.2005, he sold 1.215 ha to Shivram S/o Sukhlal and others of village Gangli and a few days later, on 2.3.2005, he sold another 2.222 ha to Namiya S/o Hariya of village Gangli, all under the SRP scheme.

The amazing thing is that the official khasra record (form B-II) of Mustafakhan dated 2.3.2006 shows that this person STILL has 4.275 ha of land in his ownership! This land will now probably be sold to many other PAFs under SRP scheme!

Not just this, a visit to Udiyapur makes it clear that on the ground all the land shown as owned by Mustafakhan is in reality in the possession of adivasi families living in Udiyapur, who have purchased the land from Mustafakhan 15 years ago. However, he never transferred the land in their name on paper. Hence this is the ugly picture of SRP- land that is being bought and sold is not in fact changing hands at all, in many cases the land doesn^t exist except on paper! Did the NSSO look into this?? WE CHALLENGE THEM TO SHOW THE LAND THAT THEY CLAIM THESE PAFS HAVE BOUGHT.

Another shocking example is that of Sardarsingh Navalsingh, r/o Sarasgaon (dist Dhar), whose land has been sold under SRP to 3 persons of village Bodhwada (dist Dhar) on 12.7.2005 (as registered in the Registry Office Dharampuri) without his knowledge! When he went to the bank to get a loan on 13.6.2006, he was told that his land has been sold. The registries have photos of fake Sardarsingh as sellers. This was done by lawyer Alok Jat of Sattalai village, and Sardarsingh has registered an FIR in Dharampuri police station.

All within the family: Land is being bought and sold between relatives In addition, there are many examples of where land is being bought and sold among relatives, between father and son, between mother-in-law and son-in-law, only to get the SRP 2nd installment out. Examples are Rajaram S/o Punja, r/o Urdana (dist Dhar) who sold land to his own father, Punja S/o Mangtiya, also a resident of Urdana and Mohan S/o Gulab, r/o Pipriman (dist Dhar) who sold land to Gulab S/o Jogya, r/o Urdana, and his own father!

These transactions are obviously meaningless as there is no actual land purchase in the family, rather the family is left poorer as their submerged land is not being compensated.

These examples clearly show the SCAM being carried out in the name of buying land through SRP. The local level officials, from patwaris to tehsildars to registrars are all involved in this, along with a network of dalals in each area. DOES THE NSSO HAVE ANY ANSWERS FOR THESE??

Ranvir Singh
Ashish Mandloi
Dipti Bhatnagar
Medha Patkar