NBA Press Release
  21 July 2007
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!


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The farmers-labourers, fishworkers on the Satyagraha blocked the road when the district Minister Vijay Shah tried to pass the Satyagraha centre in Taloon, to protest against the callous attitude and corrupt ways of the Government of M.P. The people affected and to be affected by Sardar Sarovar were upset that the Minister did not agree to enter the Satyagraha and have a dialogue on the issue of life and death. But they also felt jubilant; realizing that the Minister was indeed scared to step on his own government land, now occupied by the people of the valley. Police misbehaving and pushing the women, cleared the way after about half-an-hour for the minister.

Before the incident, farmers, whose motor-pumps are drowned in the reservoir waters due to release of water from Omkareshwar dam, without any warning, took out a motor cycle rally and giving a memorandum to the Minister, demanded that the water levels should be brought down by 22 meters to open up the motor-pumps, or the losses should be fully compensated. The Minister could only say that he would consult the Chief Minister, ordering the MPEB officials orally that they should write off the electricity bills of those who have lost their pumps.

Today, Satyagraha also got empowered with children from Bhitada Jeevanshala joining them. The class will now be run at the Satyagraha as per the slogan- ‘Jeevanshala ki kya he baat, Ladai-padai saath saath’ (In the Life schools, struggle and study goes together).

While inaugurating the class, Chairperson of Sarpanch Sangathan Manyabhai and Banibhai from Bhitada encouraged the children, providing study material. Their struggle songs empowered others.

Kailash Awasya,
Medha Patkar,
Ashish Mandloi