NBA Press Release
  17 June 2002
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Fasting Activists Continue to be Critical
Continue the Fast Despite the Intense Police Search

Jail Road, Mandleshwar
District Khargone, Madhya Pradesh
Tel: 07283-33162

As the indefinite fast of Ms.Chittaroopa Palit, Ms.Ramkuvar, Mr.Vinod Patwa and Mr.Mangat Varma has completed 4 weeks, the condition of the activists has worsened. While Ramkuvar is continuously throwing up, too dizzy and weak even to talk, Chittaroopa has complaints of abdomen pain, Vinod and Mangat continue to have low blood pressure and giddiness. All of their acetone levels continue to be critically high. They have reiterated their resolve that physical weakness can never win over their determination and commitment to the cause.

The police have fanned out and is searching the city to arrest the fasting activists and to put them on forcible medication. But inspite of searching the premises of supporting organisations' offices and houses of supporters, they have failed to find them.

The government is yet to come out with any mutually agreeable solution to the impasse. Some of the suggestions of the government mediators to form certain Commissions / Committees, were agreed upon by the Narmada Bachao Andolan. But, by what it seems out of intense political and bureaucratic pressure, the government is backing out of each of their own suggestions. At the time of releasing this statement, some negotiations are underway. But no concrete picture has emerged.

Noted writer Ms.Arundhati Roy has reached the dharna site again to strengthen the hands of the people on fast and on dharna. She is accompanied by film-maker Ms.Jharana Jhaveri.

Noted Kannada Writer and Ex-President of Sahitya Akademi, Mr. UR Ananthamurthy expressing hope that there will be an early solution said, "I hope, being a democrat, Shri Digvijay Singh will talk again to you."

The relay fast by members of Association of India's Development and others in United States and United Kingdom is continuing. More and more people are expressing their readiness to observe one day fast in support of the issues raised by Narmada Bachao Andolan in Maan and Sardar Sarovar dams.

Over 250 people from different villages of Maan, Maheshwar and Sardar Sarovar affected villages are continuing their dharna on the 34th day. The people in the valley are determined to come to Bhopal in large numbers to intensify the struggle here in the coming days.

Joe Athialy
Alok Agarwal