NBA Press Release
  02 June 2002
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Six Thousand Families in 38 Villages in MP in SSP Issued Notices for Eviction: People Dare Govt. to Evict Thousands by June 5

Jail Road, Mandleshwar
District Khargone, Madhya Pradesh
Tel: 07283-33162

The Madhya Pradesh government is preparing to evict thousands of people in the fertile plains of Nimad, in the Narmada valley affected by in the controversial Sardar Sarovar Project (SSP), within next five says, till June 5, even as the state government failed to resettle them according to the law and with land. The government has put ready hundreds of police and will be utilizing them to intimidate the people and suppress any resistance.

The District Collector and Resettlement Officer of Dhar has issued a notice asking the people in 38 villages, including those of Nisarpur (2000 families), Bhavariya (460 families), Kadmal, Bajrikheda and Khaparkheda (760 families in all), Chikhalda (760 families), Ekkalbara (400 families), Kavathi (150 families) and Kothada (210 families) to leave their permanent or temporary houses, professions, bazaars by June 5. These 38 villages comprise of over 6,000 families. The area is one of the most fertile tracts in the state.

These villages will be followed by the tribal villages from Kharia Bhadal, Kotbandhani, Bijasen, Pichhodi, Chhoti Kasaravad, Bagud, Piplud etc. in the 100 meters submergence this year only, which will follow the 95 meters submergence now. Some villages affected by the Maan dam in the Narmada valley, are also slated to be evicted by June 5 without any resettlement.

All the actions of the M.P. government without any resettlement is patently illegal. The government failed in land-based resettlement; even the resettlement sites are not ready for many villages which will be affected. The government has absolutely no agricultural land to be given in lieu of the rich and prosperous agriculture-horticulture of wheat, pulses, cotton, bananas, papita and other crops, all of which will be affected by 95 and 100 metres, a fact that has time and again been conceded by the Chief Minister himself; the government cannot provide any credible livelihood for the labourers and other oustees as well. The Madhya Pradesh government has become violent and has trampled all decent norms of civilized governance, rule of law and Constitutional values. It has gone lunatic with a fervour to evict the people by any means possible.

The government has indulged in outright false propaganda that it had informed the villagers or it has made preparation for the transportation of the people. Neither the people were informed nor they were there any arrangements to take them away. In fact, when they are not resettled at all, where could they be taken? The government has no definite number of oustees affected either by 100 meters or by the full height of the dam.

This outageous act has once again exposed Digvijay Singh and his misdeeds of corruption and tyranny. This betrayal will boomerang on him and the wrath of people will scorch his regime. The people in Nimad will be resisting this outrage firmly. They will confront the unjust displacement and submergence waters. Narmada Bachao Andolan challenges the Madhya Pradesh government to proceed with its evil designs and see whether it can subdue the non-violent resistance of the people.

Devram Kanera
Geetanjali Chavan