NBA Press Release
  11 June 2004
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Bhoomi Haq Satyagraha Suspended For 15 Days : Struggle To Be Intensified If Government Fails To Complete the Process

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After over a month's intense Bhoomi Haq Satyagraha, the women, men and children from different villages in the Narmada valley have suspended the action yesterday (June 10), after giving the government 15 days to fulfill the processes which they have started in the wake of the Satyagraha. Narmada Bachao Andolan would be closely monitoring the progress of this work and the future course of action after would be announced later.During this 15 days, the government should make all rehabilitation arrangements for the people who would face submergence this monsoon. All the families (around 1300) who are currently not declared as project affected must be declared by then. Government should procure the available land from private farmers and should allot it to the deserving people on war footing, before the monsoon. NBA would extend all cooperation to the officials in carrying out this duty.It was only due to the intense pressure due to the Satyagraha and the support from different parts of the country and outside that the government conceded to the demands of the people and started this process.

Many supporters from different places in Maharashtra such as Dhule,Mumbai, Pune, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Jaipur, USA and other places participated in the month-long Satyagraha. Noted Hindi film personality Sadashiv Amrapurkar in his address to the concluding program of Bhoomi Haq Satyagraha at Somaval said, "This struggle for justice should be a national struggle. The nation shouldn^t tolerate the callousness and apathy of the government towards thesevictims of so-called development. I will do whatever possible to getjustice for these people^.NBA demand that, all the people in Maharashtra, falling under the finalheight of the Sardar Sarovar dam, have to be provided rehabilitation asliving in the villages would be impossible after this monsoon. Thedecision of the Maharashtra cabinet to allot forest land to the ousteesshould be implemented as soon as possible. The compensation for the ones who lost their belongings and crop last year is yet to be given and that has to be done immediately. In order to have a proper assessment of theloss of this year, Panchnama has to be done before the monsoon on the land which will submerge, so that the compensation would not be delayed as in previous years.Further, Jeevanshalas, the existing schools in the valley for tribalchildren should be given the status of primary schools once it is shifted to the rehabilitation sites and proper financial allocation has to be done for the smooth running of such schools. The overview, planning and the cost-benefit committees, set up by the government of Maharashtra should be rejuvenated soon and all co-operation should be extend to them.

Yogini Khanolkar

Gitanjali Chawan