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  08 June 2007
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Indefinite Hunger Strike continues into the third day

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89 affected people from 30 villages sit on a three day hunger strike

As the indefinite dharna called by thousands of affected people of the Omkareshwar and Indira Sagar projects continues, the 5 people sitting on an indefinite hunger strike entered into their third day. Today, taking the struggle forward, 89 men and women from 30 affected villages have sat on a three day hunger strike. A delegation from the Andolan met with the General Manager, Rehabilitation and had a detailed discussion about the problems of rehabilitation.

Last evening the delegation met with the General Manager, NHDC, Shri Sanjay Mukharia for a detailed discussion. During the discussion Shri Mukharia said that decisions with regard to land for land; awards to adult sons and land to the landless would be taken by the state government.

On being apprised about the problems at the rehabilitation sites he said that details of these should be given to him in writing and that he would ensure that immediate action is taken. He informed the group that a decision had been taken to provide services and facilities at private rehabilitation sites as well.

In villages where land may not be under submergence but people's houses would be submerged, he gave an assurance that rehabilitation sites would be allotted within a kilometre of the affected areas.

With regard to those thousands of families who have not received grants, the General Manager said that NHDC would examine the detailed written complaints of all these affected families and take immediate action.

He informed the group that there had been a decision to take immediate action on issues related to islands being left out and various other issues related to the rehabilitation policy.

It is worth mentioning that in the past few days the affected people had carried out an examination of documents of the NHDC, Survey Division Number 13. It was found that that in spite of being proposed, thousands of houses had been arbitrarily left out of the survey without reason. Even after being served notices under section 9 of the Land Acquisition Act, several houses have been left out in an illegal manner.

Thousands of people affected by the Indira Sagar and Omkareshwar Dams have been sitting on an indefinite dharna for the past 5 days. Meanwhile from the 6th of June 2007, five people Chitaroopa Palit, Bhagwan Mukati, Krishna Bai, Suraj Bai and Ashok Chaturvedi have entered the third day of their indefinite hunger strike. Today, taking the struggle forward 89 men and women from 30 affected villages have declared a three-day hunger strike.

Community food is being cooked at the dharna site with the grains brought by people from all the affected villages. People from Khandwa and neighbouring regions are providing extensive support to the dharna by their presence at the site and by providing for food grains.

The dharna continues with fervour as the affected people continue to fight for their rights. The affected people are strongly committed to continuing their struggle till their rights over land and livelihoods are restored.

Alok Agarwal