NBA Press Release
  08 June 2009
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

NBA Welcomes the Conferment of the Prem Bhatia Memorial Award for Excellence in Journalism to Gargi Parsai.

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Narmada Bachao Andolan, along with other people's groups and movements welcomes the conferment of the PREM BHATIA MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN ENVIRONMENTAL JOURNALISM TO GARGI PARSAI, senior correspondent with one of India's leading national newspapers, The Hindu. Gargi, to many of us in the thick of people's struggles has not just been a long-time supportive professional with immense journalistic acumen, but someone who writes with the right balance of commitment to social and environmental concerns, sensitivity and objectivity in her investigative reports.

Presently Deputy Editor of The Hindu and member of Executive Committee of IWPC, Gargiís continued reportage on various development issues, especially in water management, hydro power, agriculture, environmental sustainability and climate change along with the non-violent peopleís struggles spanning for decades needs no introduction to those who have been following these concerns.

Gargi has proven herself as a committed and diligent media person with an inimitable ability to doggedly pursue any issue she takes up, a quality which is a rarity amongst many of today's journalists who confine themselves to fleeting reports and are loath to delve into the depth of an issue.

She has been one of the pioneers in investigative journalism in the print media and has made a deep imprint on the ongoing development discourse in the country by covering perspectives of different actors across the board including the 'development-affected', as in Narmada or Polavaram as well as closely following the policies and positions of bureaucrats and Ministers in critical areas such as water, environment and agriculture for almost three decades.

We wish her all the very best and hope that many more such laurels would come her way for her objective and socially and politically impactful reporting.

Ashish Mandloi, Medha Patkar, Kailash Awasya, Clifton Rozario