NBA Press Note

March 20, 2001

Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

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Eminent Medical Professionals and Health Works of 93 countries write to the President; Citizens from Kerala appeal to President to Intervene in the Issue of Narmada

In an impregnable expression of support and solidarity, eminent doctors, health workers and activists from 93 countries have written to the President of India to intervene in the issue of Narmada and pleaded to save the tribals from death and destitution.

Well-known literary persons in Malayalam, Human Rights activists, Professors, Lecturers, College students, and general public of Kerala included, over 1300 people have petitioned to the President in support of the valiant struggle in the Narmada Valley.

Representatives of various organisations, health workers and medical professionals, the participants of the first ever People's Health Assembly in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who wrote to the President include, Priya Saha, Bangladesh, De Sinedt Noarcella, Belgium, Mooxine Hart, Mexico, Maureen Melue, USA, Dr.H.V.Wyatt, UK, Violefa Menfivor, El Salvador, Clyde Lanfood of Doctors for Global Health, Mie Brabders of Medicine for the people, Niclas Heudar, Uppsala, Muljje Demenet, France, Abigail Tanli, Philippines, David Woodward, SwitzerlandMalani Podimenike, Sri Lanka, Komal Bhattarai, Nepal, Jennifer Stanicer, Canada and others. They said " We, the people of 93 countries attending the first ever People's Health Assembly held in Dhaka.... strongly condemn the majority judgment of the Supreme Court of India, allowing to increase the height of Sardar Sarovar Dam by violating the spirit of Constitution of India, International Conventions to which India is a party and to democratic governance".

"Even when the Madhya Pradesh government has said in a sworn affidavit that there is no land for rehabilitation of the oustees, the Supreme Court decision (to allow the dam construction) is a negation to the Right to Life with dignity, which the Constitution guarantees", the petition signed by the citizens from Kerala said. It also appealed the President to ensure upholding the human rights, by his meaningful intervention. The signatories include, Jnanpit Award winner M.T.Vasudevan Nair, veteran novelists Thikkodiyan, M.V.Devan, M.K.Sanu, Feminists K.Ajitha, Dr.M.Leelavathy, human rights activist Adv.P.A.Pauran and others.

Joe Athialy