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  05 November 2009
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

Arrested Activists released Except Alok Agrawal

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Allegations of Shri Dongare false and baseless

It is the responsibility of Shri Dongare, member of the Board of Directors of NHDC, that he takes up issues related to rights of the displaced people both inside and outside of NHDC instead of making false allegations. It is surprising that till date Shri Dongare has never lent his voice to the displaced and kept silent along with the NHDC, a stand that has been causing the pauperization f the already marginalized displaced populations.

Narmada Bachao Andolan has been organising the displaced people and campaigning for their rights. The law of the land clearly states that till the time the displaced have not been rehabilitated, dam reservoirs causing their displacement cannot be filled. It is on the basis of this law that the Hon’ble High Court has ordered that the Indira Sagar dam will not be filled with water. But the statements of Shri Dongare makes it clear that he has no concerns regarding the rehabilitation of the displaced people. On the contrary, by making statements that encourage the flouting of the rights of the displaced, he has committed contempt of court.

Shri DOngare has alleged that the andolan has collected funds of Rs 50 lakh. This is totally false and baseless. All the activities of the andolan is for the rights of the displaced and is run from the contributions made by the displaced people themselves. Narmada Bachao Andolan does not accept any institutional or foreign funds or donations. Its expenses are met by the contributions of the displaced. The contributions received are recorded and receipts for the same issued. A propoer account is maintained that is also audited. It is to be noted here that the Supreme Court had directed the Home Ministry of Central Government to verify the accounts of the andolan. This was done and the Supreme Court gave a decision in favour of the andolan stating that its accounts are in order. The court, instead, had fined the Gujarat based organization – NCCL – for making such false allegations on the andolan.

Another significant point is that the total annual expenses made by the andolan to fight for the just rights of the displaced is much less than the expenses incurred by the NHDC in one day on its lawyers who help it in its efforts to deprive the displaced of their rights. Hence t would be better if Shri Dongare stops opposing the constitutional struggle of the displaced and instead helps them raise their lawful demands.

We do not like to call names. But we leave it on Shri Dongare to decide what should a senior responsible person in a company that is responsible for taking away the just rights of the displaced to arable land and other benefits , that commits contempt of court, be termed? We also challenge Shri Dongare to present evidence of anti-national activities, or else face legal consequences.

Kailash Chauhan
Ashish Mandloi
Gajraj Singh