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October 28, 2000

Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

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Bhopal fast enters 4th day: Support from different parts pouring in

Entering the penultimate day of the symbolic 5-day fast by 8 comrades of Narmada valley and outside, more and more people are joining it from different parts of the country. Veteran journalist and socialist thinker Shri.Prabhas Joshi has come from Delhi to extend his unfettered support to the cause of Narmada Bachao Andolan. Educationalist Prof.Anil Sadgopal, and over 15 others representing other organisations have also arrived from Delhi to extend their support. Earlier, organisations, trade unions, educationists, people's movements from Bhopal, by coming to the dharna-sthal, joined others to deplore the anti-people judgment of the Supreme Court. They include Bhopal Gas Peedith Mahila Sangathan, Eklavya, and others.

Medha Patkar, along with Mamata Rajesigh (Vill. Ekalwara), Manorama Patel (vill. Balgao), Gita bahen and Mahadev Patidar (vill. Badada), Kamala Patidar (Vill. Pathrad, Mahesshwar dam affected), Leela bahen (Vill. Nisarpur) and Mohan Kumar (supporter of the Andolan from Kerala) are on a 5-day fast from 25th October onwards in protest against the Supreme Court Verdict on the Narmada case and also to appeal the Civil society to stand by justice and people.

People in the Narmada Valley held different programs, questioning and challenging the unjust verdict. In Ekalvara village of Nimad, people rallied to the banks of the Narmada, resolving to save the river Narmada and the life that she nurtures. Instead of the usual ceremonial painting of the horns of bullocks with bright colours, this year's Balipratipada day of Diwali saw the horns of bullocks painted with Black. Men in Nimad observed fast yesterday, while the women are observing fast today. People from Nisarpur, Kadmal, Khaparkheda, Bajarikheda marched to the Narmada Valley Development Authority (NVDA) office in Badwani with black flags.

Reports from abroad says that people in different countries didn't observe Diwali and joined the people of Narmada Valley in celebrating it as black day. More and more people are also observing fast on different days of the Bhopal action and there are even some who are fasting to the entire stretch of 5 days.

Alok Agarwal; Joe Athialy