NBA Press Release
  07 October 2002
Save The Narmada, Save Humanity!

No Project and Displacement without Rehabilitation: A Pledge by Oustees of Sardar Sarovar, Tapi, Krishna and Jaikwadi

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Representatives of the Sardar Sarovar Project affected and from the Vang-Marathwadi (Krishna), Jaikwadi (Godavari) and Rampur, Delhi (Tapi) projects met and discussed various issues of policy and planning with Vilaskaka Patil (Rehabilitation Minister) and Ramraje Nimbalkar (Rehabilitation Minister for State) for many hours. Ulka Mahajan, convenor-NAPM, Bhau Bhuskute (expert on land rights), Pratibha Shinde and Medha Patkar were present.

The Minister accepted the Task Force findings and recommendations, which establish the fact that all the records related to Sardar Sarovar need serious corrections. Hundreds of affected families are yet to be declared so and policy decisions on granting land rights to the adivasis in the forest villages and changing the cut-off date for declaring an oustee. The discussion brought out that rehabilitation planning with identifying alternative land is yet to be made and an immediate beginning of the same is expected. The Narmada Control Authority will have to be informed that there are hundreds of families remaining to be rehabilitated and PAFs can't be submerged without the same. The discussion with the CM on 8th October, will include the position of "No further dam-construction without rehabilitation".

The people affected by Jaikwadi (Aurangabad), Vang Marathwadi (Krishna), Rampur and other dams (Tapi) presented their details and the minister accepted that rehabilitation was not complete and hence further meetings were planned in Aurangabad and Mumbai before this month end. The issue of returning extra acquired land to the tribals affected by the Dapchari dairy (Thane) and Ahmedabad-Mumbai highway project (Thane) will be discussed in the meeting with the CM, tomorrow.

Jayanti Lal
Noorji Padvi
Gita Vasave