December 1999

December 19 1999 "Detailed Discussions With People's Organisations In January
State Govt To File Affidavit In Narmada Case Only After Discussions With NBA" : Maharashtra CM
December 16 1999 Maharashtra Organisations Hold Jan-Vikas Parishad In Nagpur
Organisations To Make Non-Party Politics Intense, Effective
December 11 1999 Eminent persons and Human Rights organisations in Gujarat condemn the attack on Narmada Bachao Andolan
December 9 1999 Armed Thugs Attack NBA office; Office Ransacked, Documents Destroyed
December 9 1999 People's Movements In Mumbai Condemn Attack On NBA Office
December 2 1999 Narmada Valley Peasants Oppose WTO and Globalisation
Impressive Rally in Anjad with Hundred Bullock Carts

November 1999

November 30 1999 No German Money For Maheshwar Project; Demonstration Of Maheshwar Dam Affected People At German Embassy
November 29 1999 Human Rights And Environmental Violations in Maheshwar Project; Revoke Environmental and Techno-Economic Clearance
November 4 1999 Proposed Kar Seva Against the Farmers, Adivasis And Marginalised People; NBA Challenges Joshi, Govt. For Open Debate On SSP Benefits & Rehabilitation

October 1999

October 15 1999 Narmada Satyagraha concludes with reassertion of resolve to dare unjust submergence : Villages gear up for Nav-Nirman
People Hold Government Guilty of Violation of Laws and Constitution, Demand Punishment
October 10 1999 Letter From Medha Patkar to the Prime Minister of India, Mr. A.B.Vajpayee
October 09 1999 Conclusion Programme of The Narmada Satyagraha;
October 12, 1999; Domkhedi-Jalsindhi
October 06 1999 Judicial Reforms Needed For Justice To People
Impressive Rally in Dhule, Resolve To Continue The Struggle
October 05 1999 Narmada Satyagrahis Released By Nandurbar Court
Dharna and Fast by Medha and Others to Be Withdrawn on Wednesday
October 04 1999 Third Day Of Indefinite Fast Of Medha And Others In Dhule Jail
Taloda Court Rejects NBA Application Again
Dy.CM Munde Keeps Mum
October 03 1999 NBA To Serve Legal Notice To Chief Minister Rane For Defamation And Threats
Tribals From Jail Challenge CM To Show Land For Resettlement
Indefinite fast by Medha and others continues on 2nd day
Ninth day of Dharna
October 02 1999 Five More Join Medha In Indefinite Fast In Dhule Jail
NBA Dares Rane To Prove Claims And Charges
October 01 1999 Medha Patkar Declares Indefinite Fast In Dhule Jail
October 01 1999 NBA Condemns Arrogance And Ignornace Of Narayan Rane
Challenges Him To Prove Land Availability For R&R
Medha And Others Issue Statement From Dhule

September 1999

September 30th 1999 Court Rules That Agitations Like NBA Are A Fundamental Right
Dhule Dharna Enters 7th Day
Support From Maheshwar Oustees
September 29th 1999 District Court Quashes Prohibitory Detention Of Medha And Others
Retains Arrests Under Other Sections
College Students In Dhule Protest As Dharna Enters Fifth Day
September 28th 1999 Harsud Day Pledge Reiterated At Dhule Dharna
Token Fast By Arrested Satyagrahis
September 27th 1999 Farmers Organisations Must Take Up Displacement Issue
Kisan Sangharsha Samiti Questions Sharad Joshi's Stand
September 26th 1999 Farmers Organisations Must Support Narmada Struggle
Appeal By Dr Sunilam Of Kisan Sangharsha Samiti
September 25th 1999 Indefinite Dharna In Dhule Against Arrests
NBA Demans Unconditional Release, Dialogue And Compensation
September 23rd 1999 386 arrested in Dhadgaon as police clamp SEC. 144;
Many beaten up badly, dragged, without food
September 22nd 1999 Medha Patkar and 300 people still under arrest at Dhadgaon
Indefinite Dharna starts as villagers from the Narmada Villages reach Dhadgaon
People at Jalsindhi still in one feet water - Satyagraha continues
September 21th 1999
(10:30pm IST)
Hundreds arrested in shoulder-deep water at Domkhedi
Others still standing in rising waters
September 21th 1999
(5:00pm IST)
Samarpit Dal in shoulder deep water
Water enters Luharia's house in Jalsindhi
Waters continue to rise
September 18th 1999 Medha and sixty others detained in Pipalchop while facing SSP submergence
Satyagraha continues
September 17th 1999 Waters Rise In The Narmada Valley
Satyagraha centres, fields and houses threatened with submergence
September 16th 1999 Water Almost Reached Where Medha And Others Protesting

Narmada Valley to Face Submergence Due To SSP Again

Satyagrahis Dispersed In Villages To Dare Waters
September 13th 1999 Towards just and sustainable development
New phase of the Andolan begins
Come to the Valley on the 27-28th Sept 1999
September 7th 1999 Maheshwar Resettlement Claims Untrue
September 4th 1999 Symbolic 'submergence' of NVDA office by Nimad youth; Satyagraha continues despite submergence

August 1999

August 28th 1999 All Party Candidates in Akrani - Nandurbar Constituency Support NBA

Grassroot movements in Europe, Latin America appeal President to intervene in Narmada situation to protest the rights of the tribals
August 26th 1999 Massive demonstration at Dhadgaon: Protest of people against corruption and liquor; Candidates of all parties declare their support to NBA from Lokmanch platform;
August 24th 1999 The Satyagraha in the Narmada valley intensifies: Road Block at Rajghat bridge
August 16th 1999 Candles lit on 14th midnight at Gateway of India to save Narmada Valley

One more attempt and conspiracy by vested interests to malign NBA
August 13th 1999 SSP Backwaters destroy farms and houses: Protests against the submergence in many parts of the country
August 12th 1999 Medha Patkar and others released : Satyagraha continues as people replace those arrested at Domkhedi : Arundhati Roy reaches the Valley

62 Satyagrahis arrested after daring the SSP submergence for over 15 hours
August 11th 1999 Narmada villagers and activists standing three feet in submergence water in Domkhedi
August 10th 1999 Narmada floodwaters enter Satyagraha place: People unmoved
August 8th 1999 Karnad, Ananthmurthy ask President to decommission SSP
August 7th 1999 SSP Waters Rise Again, Six Feet Below Satyagraha Site
August 3rd 1999 Arundhati Roy's "Rally For The Valley" reaches Jalsindhi
August 2nd 1999 Another cowardly act of Gujarat Government; Attempt to prevent the people going to Satayagraha

July 1999

July 28th 1999 Manibeli children protest for school; Will submergence take away their 'Jeevan Shala'?
July 24th 1999 Statement against the attempts to suppress freedom of speech and expression
July 23rd 1999 Renowned personalities demand stoppage of the Narmada dam; Satyagraha completes one month; Submergence threat persists
July 23rd 1999 Backwaters level of SSP fluctuates
July 21st 1999 Slight decrease in backwater level in Narmada
July 20th 1999 SSP waters only 3 meters below Satyagraha site
July 19th 1999 Narmada Waters Rising, Medha and other Satyagrahis determined to face submergence
July 14th 1999 Solidarity programmes in support of Narmada Satyagraha all over India
July 12th 1999 People Demand Review Of SSP With A New Tribunal and Public Hearing
July 10th 1999 Narmada Satyagraha, Fast Continues
July 8th 1999 Sardar Sarovar Silts Claim One Victim
July 5th 1999 Medha, Bawa, Sitarambhai and six others start fast against injustice
July 1st 1999 Satyagraha enters 12th day

June 1999

June 26th 1999 Arundhati Roy Donates Booker Prize Amount to the Narmada Bachao Andolan
June 21th 1999 Narmada Satyagraha Begins
Fast by Samarpit Dal from 4th to 12th July
June 6th 1999 Tribals - Peasants Will Face Unjust Submergence
Satyagraha To Begin From 20 June

May 1999

May 25th 1999 People Expose Govt. Claim Of Land Availability
May 4th 1999 Narmada Tribals Meet Maharashtra Chief Minister
May 3rd 1999 M.P. Government Accepts Most Demands of NBA : Fast Ends

April 1999

April 20th 1999 Madhya Pradesh Govt Goes to Supreme Court Over New Tribunal
April 20th 1999 Foreign Companies withdraw from Maheshwar Project
April 12th 1999 Indefinite Fast by Narmada Dam Oustees Commences
April 11th 1999 Move To Scuttle Committee For Examining Resettlement
April 10th 1999 Noted Trade Unionist Vasant Khanolkar Passes Away
April 9th 1999 People To Expose Govt. Claims About Land And Resettlement
April 8th 1999 Social Justice Dept. to Send Team to Reassess Status Of Rehabilitation
April 5th 1999 Indefinite Dharna in Bhopal By Affected People
April 4th 1999 Human Rights Receives Rousing Welcome
April 2nd 1999 Human Rights March Flagged Off

March 1999

March 25th 1999 One More Attempt To Malign The NBA
March 24th 1999 Human Rights March By Narmada Oustees From April 1
March 19th 1999 Rehabilitation Officer Admits Affidavits Are False